April 1, 2023

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Zelensky said Ukraine must “work with China” to end the war

A year after the start War between Russia and UkraineThe Argentine government noted that “Peace is urgent“. Through an official statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs headed by Santiago cafieroReiterated his “condemnation of the invasion” and called for a “ceasefire”.

“Argentina reaffirms its commitment to the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of states. Human rights, permanent axes of our nation’s foreign policy. “It rejects the use of force as a mechanism for conflict resolution and, in this sense, reiterates its condemnation of Russia’s aggression on Ukrainian territory,” the document stressed.

Additionally, the Ministry of External Affairs expressed its “concern” referring to the announcement made in recent days Russia suspends bilateral nuclear disarmament treaty It aligns with the United States, which further increases the risk of a new escalation at this time of nuclear dimensions.”

“Our country affirms that peaceful resolution of conflicts is the only appropriate way to end conflict, avoid harm to innocents, protect the interests of both countries, support their people and the entire international community. For all parties involved in conflict mitigation, the policy of escalation only means destruction,” he said.

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