June 7, 2023

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Why is Day of the Dead celebrated and what mysteries does the date hide?

Traditional Altar of the Day of the Dead (Getty Images)

A day after Halloween, this mysterious day is commemorated in various parts of the world with dances, altars of the dead and special celebrations. It is a tribute to those who died in every family, Which was born in Mexico and is celebrated today in many countries, especially in areas where indigenous peoples live.

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Day of the Dead has many special traditions to honor those who are no longer alive. In Mexico, it is recognized as a kind of national identity. There is a strong belief that their souls will return to the world of death: November 1 for children, the next day for adults.

Therefore, death is not considered an error, it is considered to be a kind of life that transcends eternity and operates on that date on the altar. It is hoped that those who died that day will live with their families and enjoy the offerings with them.

Altars are made in houses and cemeteries (Getty Images)
Altars are made in houses and cemeteries (Getty Images)

“The tradition of the Day of the Dead dates back to our pre-Hispanic past. Ancient civilizations now inhabiting Mexico value death as a result of life and as part of the cycle of nature.”, Assured The web 15th edition of the Festival of Traditions of Life and Death.

November 1 is celebrated as All Saints’ Day Those who died in the Catholic tradition and were not blessed or remembered as saints, as well as those who left when they were still children. On that day a traditional Mass takes place at the esplanade of Xcaret Park. All Souls’ Day is November 2 and we pray for all souls who have not yet reached heaven. On the days of celebrating the dead, our loved ones can visit their relatives from a few hours away and be close to them again, ”they explained.

Altars are made in advance, with many special elements to honor the dead (Getty Images)
Altars are made in advance, with many special elements to honor the dead (Getty Images)

Altar of the Dead

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One of the most widespread customs of this day is the making of altars, Mounted in homes and graves of the dead in the days leading up to the celebrations. Items, special items and food offerings of the esteemed person are entertained there.

There are different dates for its preparation. Those who have been doing it since October 28 will have the dead violet or “Purified Souls” That is, souls who are supposed to have their sins forgiven.

Other families prepare altars from October 31st because the souls of children are commemorated from November 1st and adults from the 2nd.

Some of the elements that usually carry the altars To, As an element of purification; Candles, There are many candles they want to get, light other things their way; Pan It refers to the “body of Christ”; And Water, To quench your thirst after the tour.

In addition, they usually contain Flowers, gopal, incense, sugar skulls, mat (special woven carpet), liquor, ash and food cross, the four elements of nature (earth, air, water and fire) are identified in different ways, and many more.

A couple visit a relative's grave today at the Jordin de Los Angeles Memorial Park in Honduras (EFE / Gustavo Amador)
A couple visit a relative’s grave today at the Jordin de Los Angeles Memorial Park in Honduras (EFE / Gustavo Amador)

Ritual of arrival

Going to the grave of the dead is one of the rituals performed in Mexico on the day of the death of the loved one, on their birthday or on the representative date of the family. Remember and remember the person. It becomes a special visit on the day of the dead because the memorial helps to collectively commemorate the dead.

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Many put their offerings in the pantheon. The proximity of the remains of the deceased to this date has become the center of such practices as the city of San Andres Miksquik, where the La Alum Prada is performed every year at the Thalahuac Mayor’s office, which is large. The number of candles illuminates the path of the dead as they return to the place to enjoy the offerings of their loved ones.

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