June 3, 2023

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Why did the relationship between Francis and Benedict deteriorate?

El motu proprio “Traditionis Custodis” del Real Pope revoked Benedict’s decision in 2007 with a “summorum pontificum”. He rehabilitated the mass in Latin.

A decision taken in 2021, “Rebuilding the unity of the Church in relation to various liturgical sensibilitiesIt has been used to increase distance, harden differences, create oppositions that hurt the Church, slow its path, and expose it to the risk of schism.

Ratzinger attempted to reopen the masses in Latin, reconciling with the more conservative and traditionalist sections of the church that never supported the liturgical reform of the 1970s. After 13 years, Bergoglio retreated and launched a capillary consultation to all the bishops of the world. By the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

In this way, it was decreed that anyone could celebrate the mass in Latin Permission must be sought from the bishop of that placeAccording to the directives of the Holy See.

100,000 faithful bid farewell to Benedict

The Coffin of Benedict XVI, He passed away last Saturday at the age of 95It was carried inside the basilica on Thursday at the end of a funeral procession led by Pope Francis. St. Peter For his burial.

A sober wooden coffin Joseph Ratzinger left St. Peter’s Square He will be buried in the crypt where he rested, to the applause of the faithful Until John Paul II received his salvation in 2011The date his coffin was transferred to the chapel in the basilica.

The coffin containing the remains of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI was removed from St. Peter’s Square, revealed for the funeral procession, to the Vatican Grottoes, where it will be buried in the mausoleum belonging to Saint John Paul II.

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The coffin was carried by Over 100,000 faithful in 12 “cediaries”, old gestatory chairs and St. Peter’s Square They were greeted with loud applause.