June 2, 2023

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Who is Anna Paulina Luna, the gun-loving ex-model and veteran Trumpist from Florida who ran for Congress?

Anna Paulina Luna He became one of the heroes of the Republican Party Mid-term elections were held in the United States on Tuesday. Luna is a veteran of the country’s air force and an outspoken conservative with the support of a former president. Donald Trump and the governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. In this match, the early results went in his favour New Representative for the 13th Congressional District.

Luna has been a staunch defender of her position and even went so far as to confirm it Trump He won the 2020 election. And he called it “Best president in history. Among his key policies, his campaign to tighten immigration laws and improve care for veterans stood out. Now he was elected to Congress for the first time on the West Coast of Florida, and with his victory, The GOP won the seat that Rep. Charlie Crist gave up to run against DeSantis.

Anna Paulina Luna Receives Donald Trump’s EndorsementAnna Paulina Luna/Facebook

The Republican is 33 years old and previously lost a race to Crist in 2020. however, In these elections All votes counted against Eric Lynn, winning 53-45. He was a former security adviser to President Barack Obama.

This district includes Pinellas County west of Tampa and St anger, Nearly 35,000 more Republican voters were enrolled than Democrats. The situation was different in 2020, when Democrats outnumbered Republicans by nearly 25,000 when Crist defeated Luna by 6 percentage points.

Anna Paulina Luna and her husband fell in love while in the Air Force
Anna Paulina Luna and her husband fell in love while in the Air ForceAnna Paulina Luna/Facebook

Luna was born in 1989 in Santa Ana, California. Like Anna Paulina Meyerhofer And was raised by a single mother in the lower-income areas of the state’s south. Actually the name Anna Paulina Luna is a brand that chose to become a conservative icon.

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Like many of his fellow party members, he promoted the anti-abortion movement, a position he came to in college after cutting open a chicken’s egg and watching the chick tremble. At that moment he called his vigil. “God seized that opportunity”, he said a long time ago in a podcast.

According to the analysis of The Washington Post, A her Reason among Republicans An ability to challenge his generation’s assumptions about politics, Because his tendency is not liberal.

Before starting his career in this block, he served as an airfield manager in the Air Force. After experiencing many situations of violence and family loss, Anna decided to join the army at the age of 19, which led to finding love, as she was serving in the US Air Force when she met her husband. Kambersky fought in Afghanistan.

Anna Paulina and her husband met during military service
Anna Paulina and her husband met during military serviceAnna Paulina Luna/Facebook

After moving to Florida, she worked as a Republican model, cocktail waitress at a gentlemen’s club, and an Instagram influencer. In 2019, step Tampa Bay TimesHe filed papers to change his last name with the Clark County Clerk in Washington.

She was named after her maternal grandmother who came to the United States from Mexico City to honor her Hispanic heritage.. Her mother, Monica Todd, said her family is Mexican and her daughter’s father is half German, half Mexican. Meanwhile, Luna identifies as half-American, half-Mexican. At 29, he retreated Anna Paulina Meyerhofer It became Anna Paulina Luna.

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