June 3, 2023

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When to come to Germany, Argentina in complete isolation

Germany, especially in the south and east, It is plagued by a new epidemic, with experts and politicians claiming the lowest vaccination rates (68%) in Western Europe.

Faced with a resurgence of the virus that has killed more than 99,000 people in the country since its emergence, the outgoing Foreign Minister and his successor Olaf Scholes have already decided last week. Restrictions on non-vaccinators should be tightened.

Residents in unvaccinated districts will not be able to leave their homes between 9pm and 5am unless they are authorized for work reasons or a medical emergency, officials said.

Corona virus cases have been on the rise in Germany in recent weeks, with 67% of the vaccine population re-emerging – or “fourth wave” – ​​as authorities have defined as a “non-infectious vaccine”.

Last week, the country for the first time crossed 60,000 infections in a single day, more than 65,000, and a few days after it crossed, for the first time, 50,000 in a single day.

In many hospitals, beds for patients with corona virus and other illnesses are already in short supply, and Merkel warned of a “dramatic situation”.

When will a new wave come in Argentina?

Vaccines used six months ago, with little or no vaccination for children and adolescents, giving up all care and cooling are some of the keys to understanding the fourth wave of corona virus in European countries.

The current situation in Argentina is different, and experts support the use of synestropes and ventilation to counteract the patient’s arrival, and encourage pediatricians to pursue immunizations, third doses and boosters. In the fall, when the fourth wave hits our continent.

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Unlike our country, in A good portion of the community in Germany is without vaccines, especially children and adolescents, whose care in schools has been abandoned, and courses have ceased to be isolated if anyone does a positive test.

In addition, the effectiveness of vaccines is low because those who were vaccinated six months ago, therefore, it is important to give a third dose. Another problem is that it passes the cold, which always pushes people inside and increases the risk of infection.

European countries have made progress in vaccinating adolescents like us, but almost (or nothing) has progressed with women and children, preventing it from spreading rapidly in unvaccinated populations.

The The goal now and in the winter is to vaccinate as many people as possible, maintaining a third dose and booster dose and care before the flu comes.

That’s what Health Minister Carla Visotti said this week “It is necessary to prepare strongly for the autumn to reach the full population with two doses and reinforcements of the elderly and at risk” and stressed that Argentina is advancing “a lot in the world rankings”. When referring to the vaccination campaign against Govt-19.

“Completing and strengthening the vaccination schedule is very important because we are seeing an outbreak of the vaccine in the Northern Hemisphere, or it is clear that there are fewer cases in Israel than those with three doses, hospitalization and death. That is why the entire population should be strongly prepared for the fall by vaccinating with two doses and boostersYes, “Vijotti pointed out.