March 28, 2023

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When they went to eat at a restaurant, they were speechless when they saw a description of the account saying, “It’s a scam.”

A family from Antioquia, Colombia recently traveled to Rome It was reported that they had been cheated by a restaurant Called the Vatican Cafe, located in front of the Holy See. The reason? They were charged a “millionaire” bill for lunch and the waiter’s explanations were unclear.

This was recorded in a video posted on social networks, where one of the family members described in detail what happened. First he showed a bill for 887.70 Euros, a ticket they had been given on the spot after lunch.

The ticket shown in the videoHold My East

Seeing that he was being overcharged, the man made a claim and gave another receipt, this time for 860 euros. There, the customer realized it There were some price discrepancies in the accountAs a different value appeared in the letter than in the invoice.

They never say what is per gram. They add meats, they add companions, all meals must bring companions, but They add potatoes to us, they add salads to us”, he remarked furiously.

Secondly, He said at no time did the staff comment on what the menu looked like and its prices. “We weigh it down with meat; For example, the price of meat here is 8 euros per gram. They never told us when the order would be picked up,” he said.

While making the claim, the customer told the restaurant staff that if they charge per gram, they will not give the corresponding bill. “They say potatoes and vegetables weigh two kilos, two grams more, because all the meat comes in one kilo,” he commented. And, he added: “It’s like Baru foreigners were asked for a million pesos for a Mojara, same here.”

Menu with price details
Menu with price detailsMy east

According to the same portal that posted the video, the event happened to a family of eight in the municipality of El Retiro. “The menu was in Italian and English; So, as we did not know both the languages, we asked a Tahsildar for an explanation.. The person came and explained to me,” the complainant told local media My east.

Additionally, he noted that they asked the employee for a recommendation. “In front of each meat it said 8 euros We ordered two meats; We ordered five broths It wasn’t on the menu, but he asked us, ‘Didn’t he give you a broth first?’ So, we asked for a sample of fish broth, he never told us the price; We order five lasagnas and two spaghettis, and the man tells us the lasagna comes with meatballs and sauces,” he said.

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When the bill arrived, the man was surprised at the price and asked his daughter to buy the letter. “No one wanted to send him one, they became misunderstanding him. Then the girl saw a letter on a table and picked it up,” he said. Finally, he said, they canceled the account to avoid further discussion, but they made the complaint public on their respective social networks.

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