May 30, 2023

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When he went to eat at a restaurant, he was speechless when he found out what they had charged him

Stories about gastronomic places abound on social networks. For different reasons, users usually leave a comment about the prices, quality, location and attention received by the staff of the chosen place.

The chosen choice to spend some time with family, friends or colleagues is not convenient, People who feel harmed choose digital platforms to post their records so that other customers can see them.

Under these guidelines, a woman Mexico Nothing was saved and he blamed it on the food stall he joined with other restaurants. The reason? Anger erupted at the final price of the ticket.

The beginning of this phenomenon is a journalist as its protagonist Betzabé Zumayawho, disgusted by the fat sums paid, used his Twitter profile To show account and Agitation against corporate owners.

Betzabé Zumaya, a Mexican journalist, charged a restaurant for the final amount of her dinner PHOTO: TWITTER / @betzabezumaya

They saw my face as a tourist in my own country, what a disappointment”, she snapped, enraged, after attending a terraza located in the city. facultymeters from Plaza de la Constitución in Mexico City.

The common thread of this story, which went viral on social media, continued with the explanation of what was consumed, followed by the deception of having to pay money unrelated to what was consumed. “I took Chilean friends to a terrace in front of the National Palace and this bill, some flank steak tacos for almost 500 pesos, I still can’t believe it.“, graphic Betchabe About the product, the price is about $4500 in Argentine value.

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After the match, The employee was asked for the ticket, to know how much it came to, and to split the cost there. At that precise moment, outrage grew exponentially and the creator of this content decided to photograph her.

The Twitter user's ticket went viral and had an immediate impact
The Twitter user’s ticket went viral and had an immediate impact

Among the objects seen in the picture, there are four plates Flank Steak Tacos (beef) 420 Mexican pesos each, A beer at 385 and A half liter of lemonade 135. In turn, 200 was paid as service charge and tip to the employee responsible for the service. All this gave a total of 4415 pesos, a value, converted to Argentine currency, like $40,000..

But, the consequences do not give the protagonist justice. Waiting for your complaint to have the desired purpose will result in non-compliance at this point. followers Accused of Betchabe On the basis that she He should have asked for the menu before sitting down, where he would have looked at the prices and then made a decision to stay or find another place that would suit his pocket..

A Mexican journalist's Discord ticket went viral
A Mexican journalist’s Discord ticket went viral

“Are you a journalist, you travel the world, and you don’t know the good restaurants in your country’s capital? There is such a thing as a price chart. You deserve to be charged almost $400 pesos” and “The first thing they teach you when you go to a restaurant: check the prices before you order”, are the most important points.