June 7, 2023

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What would happen if Donald Trump was arrested by the US Secret Service?

It is almost certain that Trump will be accompanied every step of the way by agents of the U.S. Secret Service, from the moment he is arrested to his appearance before a judge in the Lower Manhattan Criminal Courts. (Reuters)

They will take your fingerprint. It will be photographed. and may be handcuffed.

Expected if delivered on Tuesday Donald J. Trump Follow the usual steps Criminal arrest Ruled by the state of New York, a grand jury has now indicted a porn star for paying him for his silence. But this unprecedented arrest of A Former US commander It will be regular.

Certain exceptions may be made in this case. While the standard procedure is for criminals to be handcuffed, it is unclear whether any changes will be made to the former US president. Most defendants are handcuffed with their hands behind their backs, but some financial crime defendants, who are considered less dangerous, have their hands in front of them.

is almost certain Trump will be with the impeachment every step of the way through agents US Secret ServiceFrom the moment you are arrested until you appear before a judge in the criminal courts Lower Manhattan. Agents are required by law to protect you at all times.

Court security is manned by state court officials with whom the Secret Service has worked in the past. But the federal agency’s chief spokesman, Anthony J. Guglielmi, Trump said he could not comment on the actions being taken.

It could take days for Trump to appear in court. Following the grand jury vote, the indictment against the former president will remain sealed until his formal disclosure of charges, scheduled for next Tuesday.

Defense for Trump, who is running for a third term, indicated Thursday night that his client would turn himself in and appear in court next Tuesday. (EFE)
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After accusing TrumpThe lawyers contacted their respective lawyers and negotiated Your delivery termsA common practice in financial crime investigations.

Defense for Trump, who is running for a third term, indicated Thursday night that his client would turn himself in and appear in court next Tuesday.

After he is tried, he will most likely be released on parole because the indictment will contain only the charges. Non-violent crimes what, Under New York law, prosecutors cannot require a defendant to post bail in such cases.

Giving up is not in the DNA of the controversial former president, who delights in attacking the lawyers who investigated him. Alvin L. Prague, The Manhattan district attorney confirmed the indictment Thursday. Trump called Bragg a “racist” and an “animal.” He also assured that his investigation was politically motivated.

The Governor of Florida, in the event that the former President refuses to turn himself in, Ron DeSantisHe is already in his state”Does not help with extradition request”, if requested by New York authorities. However, if prosecutors actually try to extradite Trump and DeSantis tries to defend his Republican rival, he could face legal action.

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