March 28, 2023

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What local experts say about US-recognized presbyopia drops

From this month, in To us Patients have the opportunity to receive eye drops Presbycia According to its developers, can Change the use of glasses for closer view. After its use, the effect lasts for a few hours. The use of VOT drops available under the prescription was approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) at the end of October. Local experts warn about the drug, giving details about its origin “This is not a drug for mass use” And “should be assessed on a case-by-case basis.”

Scott McRae, an ophthalmologist at the Center for Visual Sciences at the University of Rochester, says the drops are provided by the Allergan Laboratory. “The most effective alternative” For those who do not want to wear study glasses. In the same article published in The New York Times, Stephen Orlin, an ophthalmologist at the University of Pennsylvania, argues that “improving vision improves vision by reducing pupil size and creating a pinhole effect.” The amount of external light that passes through the eye and often causes difficulty in concentrating.

Clarion He spoke with Argentine experts, noting that they had been working on the drug for many years and that the first development came with the derivation of phyllocarbine used in FDA-approved eye drops. He is from Argentina.

“They are long-lasting drops, which were initially used to treat glaucoma Improved intraocular pressure And they have shrunk the student, ”says German Bianchi, an ophthalmologist at Dr. Nano Eye Hospital.

It states that there are studies from various countries on the effects of this drug on presbyopia and related to it “The first works related to this were Argentina”.

What did those works show? Does it improve near vision? “The answer is it works, but what This is not for everyone ”, Bianchi mentions.

“It should not be used in large quantities. It is necessary to order it after an expert has done it Comprehensive eye assessment Of the patient ”, he maintains.

This is related to the fact that in some situations it is contradictory. “For example, for those who have Retinal problems Or some forms Inflammation of the eye“, Required.

And he adds: “It’s designed for people over 40 or 45, and it’s helping to improve Close focus Reduces the visual field and at the same time The ability to see at night deteriorates.

According to Pianchi, the other relevant fact is that the student is constantly shrinking Side effects”.

“This is not a new method, it was developed by Dr. Benois,” says Angelica Mousalli, an ophthalmologist at the Italian hospital who was consulted by Woody’s appearance. It refers to ophthalmologist George Benoit, who 20 years ago developed drops based on a personalized treatment. Phyllocarbine and diclofenac For presbyopia.

Many years later, Benoit died in one of the tragedies that shocked the country: in August 2014 he was aboard the Tunante II sailing boat that went missing from Rio Grande do Sul. His daughter, Giovanni, an ophthalmologist, continued to work with the technique.

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Bianchi agrees that Moussalli is medicine Has years of study And it was first given to reduce narrow-angle eye pressure in glaucoma. “Then, with less volume and master cooking tips, it started to be used for presbyopia, however that improvement was achieved. Lasts 6 to 8 hours “, The Italian expert clarifies.

“It’s very interesting for those who do not want to wear study glasses at a particular event. This is an exceptional situation Not for long term use”, He highlights.

The eye doctor asks “Visit an expert to say yes or no”. “The eye must read. Not everyone is a candidate for these drops,” he closes.