April 1, 2023

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What is it, how much does it cost and what is the main function of the US drone MQ-9 Reaper that was shot down by the Russian jet?

MQ-9 Reapers can carry eight laser-guided missiles, 16 Hellfire missiles and up to 1,300 pounds of fuel. It can stay in the air for 1,150 miles and fly at an altitude of 50,000 feet. (Reuters)

And Russian fighter jet collided with a US surveillance drone About him Black SeaAccording to the US military, forcing it to fall into international waters.

Employees of Air Force A drone operator MQ-9 Reaper, Russian-registered SU-27 fighter jets shot down the plane after it dumped fuel on it and one of them collided with the plane’s propeller. reaperAccording to reports from US officials.

Russia denied responsibility It also said its planes did not interact with the US drone.

The incident is believed to be the first direct confrontation between Washington and Moscow since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began last year.

Here’s what’s known so far about the drone MQ-9 Reaper:

Reaper is used Air force for us for collection Intelligence information and surveillance missions, search and rescue missions and Precision strikes against key targetsAccording to an official statement.

Drones have made the journey Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, other countries, and operated remotely by a two-person team from 20 sites in 17 states. One of them commands the mission and controls the drone, while the other operates the sensors and guides the weapons.

The aircraft will withstand up to Eight missiles laser guidance, 16 Missiles of Hellfire and up 1,300 pounds of fuel. It allows you to stay in the air 1,150 miles Flying high up to 50,000 pieces. In 2018, the MQ-9 Reaper They flew in total 325,000 hours.

The Reaper is used by the US Air Force for intelligence gathering and surveillance, search and rescue missions, and precision strikes against critical targets. (Reuters)
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The Air force for us was employed General Atoms build than 360 reapers Since the project started in 2007. A Reaper drone costs approx 30 million dollarsAccording to a report from Congressional Research Service Published last year.

There is a drone 36 feet long, 66 feet wingspan and 3,750 pounds payload. MQ-9 is an upgraded version of it MQ-1 Predator, It was introduced in the 1990s. The Reaper has an eight times more powerful engine and is 13 feet longer. The updated drone has infrared sensors and cameras and a laser rangefinder for locating targets.

in the position of Defense DepartmentThe “M” stands for Multirole, the “Q” stands for Remotely Piloted Aircraft System, and the “9″ shows that it’s the ninth in the series.

The flight is “in operation Routine operations in international airspace” when he was attacked Russian SU-27, General said in a statement James B. HeckerResponsible for supervising the activities of a senior military officer Air Force in the region. “Truly, This unprofessional act by the Russians almost caused both planes to crash”.

A press release from US European Command This incident is the latest”A series of dangerous actions by Russian pilots when interacting with US and allied aircraft” Over the Black Sea.

The incident was the latest in a series of “dangerous actions by Russian pilots in contact with U.S. and allied aircraft” over the Black Sea, the U.S. European Command press release said. (Reuters)

This is not newsaid Philip Breedlove, a retired general Air Force and former Supreme Allied Commander I take it. Conflicts between Russia and the US in the Black Sea “have been going on for some time. They usually happen.”

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It is not clear where the incident occurred over the Black Sea or what mission the drone was carrying out. U.S. military officials did not indicate whether other recent actions by Russian pilots fit the pattern of dangerous activity they described.

Pentagon spokesman Air Force Brig.-Gen Patrick RyderHe told reporters Two Su-27s were first seen near the MQ-9 about 30 to 40 minutes before American pilots shot down the Reaper.. He declined to say whether the drone was armed, what its mission was or where it landed in the Black Sea.

Breedlove said there was no evidence yet to suggest the collision was intentional. Deliberately shooting down a US drone would have worrisome consequences.

While the US and NATO arm Ukraine and provide regular intelligence to Kiev, they say they have no direct involvement in the war. Moscow describes these measures as a Western attempt to destroy Russia.

It could be as simple as poor aerial skills, poor professionalism”, says Breedlove.

It is not clear where the incident occurred over the Black Sea or what mission the drone was carrying out. (Reuters)

This was stated in a press release issued by the US European Command Actions by Russian crews could lead to “accidental escalation.”

The US and its allies plan to continue operating in international airspace. Hecker added.

The Russian Defense Ministry denied the attack MQ-9Instead, he said, Russian pilots spotted the drone.Uncontrolled flight” before it fell into the sea.

The Russian fighters did not use air weapons, did not interact with the drone, and returned safely to their air base.Officials said in a statement.

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In Washington, the Russian ambassador was summoned Department of State. Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters that U.S. Ambassador to Russia Lynne M. Tracy had conveyed the Biden administration’s “strong objections” to Moscow’s Foreign Ministry.

As of Tuesday night, nothing had been recovered from the drone at the crash site.

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