June 7, 2023

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What IDEA survey data reveals

Businesses at IDEA released their expectations survey, with 250 CEOs answering a series of questions about the economy and the fact that it is in the process of performing a functional recovery on almost all fronts marked the majority coincidence. The other side of the general position is that the development of the concept of what is to come next semester in terms of profit, exports, investment and sales is playing out in the public debate of the consortium of companies that make it up.. Idea, A trading pole on the side of those closest to the Lets Change Line in the establishment galaxy, represents, after all, a recovery that can be seen at two extremes: reactivation due to re-opening of the latter epidemic, and a consumption called “postponed”.

This work was presented at a conference with the Director of IDEA and the former YPF, Daniel Gonzalez, Economist Luis Seco and pollster Eduardo D’Alecio predict that 7 out of 10 companies will be the same or better in terms of sales, which will be the best in two years. In exports, meanwhile, the consultants believed that their sales to the world would be equal to or better than 8 out of 10 companies; The investment, on the other hand, will be the same or better in 64 percent of companies; And profit, at 5 out of 10, will be the same or better. “We are seeing a 10 point increase in import growth over the previous period, which shows that the economy is growing,” Seko said.

Strange numbers of Idea

These numbers, when viewed in the short term and in the long run, are slightly capricious and include a certain inclination for models. An example: in 2018, the government of Mauricio Macri was the IMF, with the most significant crisis, high inflation, debt and declining consumption, the opinion of the same traders was positive, doubling the current situation. “They are business, climate perspectives,” Gonzalez said before the consultation Page I12 Rather than the actual and socio-economic context, it is on the logic used to answer the survey whether or not there are factors of sympathy.

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Naturally, Argentina’s economic and political environment is facing an even more diversified recovery today, coupled with serious problems such as high inflation, poor income sharing, political conflicts within the government and a pending agreement with the IMF. In this photo, those who add other complaints such as the lack of a clear economic plan, the exchange rate gap is high and both are stable: strong public spending and high tax pressure. They also point out that reviewing the labor structure would be one of the “investment-promoting” measures.

Follow the delivery

An interesting fact of the survey is the position of the companies telecommunication. 63% estimate that they are going to a “hybrid project, some days by telecommunications”; 28 said to follow the remote plan with those who can do it at home. The rest either refused to pursue distance work or agreed that they had not yet discussed.

Less distrust

In the results, the work reflected that “with the signs of a resurgence, optimism about the future of the economy is declining”; “The net reserve of private employment remains low, but remains negative. Finally, they pointed to the reduction Lack of funding According to IDEA Prism, this is a variable that allows macro and general sorting.