March 28, 2023

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What happens when passport expires and 5 common questions

People who have already been cleared to travel to the US often have some questions before they travel. The officer responds.

Many questions and some fears usually arise when touching on it Apply for a visa for Travel to the United StatesFilling the forms and facing the interview.

Now, who’s who in Argentina of They have a visa Now they are close Depart to a North American country By Tourism, Commercial, study Or other reasons, there are many Doubts Commonly appears and causes anxiety.

Especially when the traveler starts Check the expiration dates Visa and passport, it can be very different. And like facing some unexpected events Loss or the Robot Documentation or discovery mistakes inside her.

in front Frequent inquiries For these types of issues, the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires and its Visa Information and Appointment System have released some Explanation guides.

Here are 6 common questions about Visa application And what are their answers.

1. Can I use a valid visa even if the printed passport has expired?

Sometimes the passport expires before the visa, and the traveler doubts its validity. Photo: Shutterstock.

Expiration of passport Visa invalidation placed on one of its sides. It will continue to be used to enter the United States until its own expiry dateor until it is revoked or repealed.

What is indicated for these events is the traveler Submit both passports. “As a general rule, if your passport has expired and has a valid visa, you can travel with that passport with the visa and your new valid passport,” they clarify from the embassy.

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Must have a visa to accept this validIn Good condition (no damage) and be the relevant visa type for the purpose of travel (tourism, work, etc.). Additionally, both passports must be present identical And Same country.

2. What happens if a passport with a valid visa is lost or stolen?

Maybe loss or theft Passport is required before travel Cancel the visa Y Ask for something new.

To cancel the visa, it is indicated Report Report theft or loss of all data by emailing [email protected] and a Attached form (A downloaded one Here) duly completed.

“If your visa is seen After its report, Cannot be used and to manage A new visa“, they add.

If a visa is lost, the Department of State must be informed of what happened and a new one requested.  Photo: Telum/File.
If a visa is lost, the Department of State must be informed of what happened and a new one requested. Photo: Telum/File.

3. If my passport expires within 6 months, can I still enter the US?

Tourist and business visas allow travelers to stay legally in the United States for a maximum period of time 6 months. For this reason, many people assume that they will be asked to show their missing passport in order to be allowed entry. At least 6 months Fully valid.

Despite this recommendedto Argentina It is not mandatory The country is in what is called “”.Six Months Club” (Six-Month Club): A group of countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to the United States even if they have their passports Less than 6 months valid.

Now, despite this, the validity of the passport you are carrying Cover the entire shelterplanned. “Maybe if not Closed at maturity of the passport”, consular officials warn.

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4. If my visa expires shortly before departure, is there a way to extend it instead of applying for a new visa?

No. Even though the visa has not yet expired, it does not cover travel and must be repeated Complete application process A new visa.

“However – they point out – those people Update United States visa, or meet certain other related conditions ageThey can get a qualification Interview waiver for visa”, which will be defined by the consular authorities at the time of scheduling the appointment.

5. I have an “indefinite” visa and can I travel without further paperwork?

No. Indefinite visas No longer valid. Those who once had them may now have to Apply for a new visa If they intend to enter the United States.

Little by little, trips to the US are beginning to return to normal, and so are diplomatic procedures.  Photo: File.
Little by little, trips to the US are beginning to return to normal, and so are diplomatic procedures. Photo: File.

6. What if I find an error in the visa before departure?

If there is any difference between Personal information Those that appear on visas and passports can be created Delays Until the situation is clarified for the traveler upon arrival in the United States.

When reviewing the visa, if the traveler finds an error in the data, he must do so Activate your replacement Appear at the Embassy (Av. Colombia 4300, CABA).

Alternately, this It costs nothingCan order After 365 days Issuance of Visa. After one year, you will need to make a new application and pay a new visa fee.

Where to find answers to other questions about US visa?

Embassy offers Information in Spanish On “non-immigrant” visas by Official website. Two more lists have been published Frequently Asked Questions Worth checking out:

  1. Common Questions about Visa to USA.
  2. Questions about process and general process.
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If the data you are looking for is not available on these websites, you can send a query This formula.


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