June 7, 2023

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Vladimir Putin reiterated his extreme conservative view of gender: “A woman is a woman, and a man is a man.”

Vladimir Putin at the annual conference in Moscow, Russia on December 23, 2021. REUTERS Attention Editors by Sputnik / Michael Metzel / Pool – This image was contributed by a third party.

After answering the question about your opinion “Problems in Western Culture” And gender perspective, doubling Putin’s entrenched views on the amendment Traditional views on gender and their opposition to transgender rights and inclusion.

“If anyone thinks that women and men are the same, think so. But there must be common sense “, He said this during the annual conference broadcast from the Kremlin. “I continue the traditional approach of a woman being a woman, a man being a man, a mother being a mother and a father being a father.”

“I believe Our community has the internal moral protection dictated by the traditional religious confessions of the Russian FederationHe added.

Putin pointed out that the uniqueness and strength of Russian society was conditional on the country’s emergence as a nation. Multi-segment and multinational. “We learned to treat each other with respect. And what does that mean? It also means TRespect the foundation of our traditional spiritual culture. I would like to emphasize that all the people of the Russian Federation have a certain internal moral defense against it. The ambiguity you just mentionedThe president was responding to a question from a TASS journalist The new value system of Western society revisits traditional notions of gender.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Pool via Sputnik / Alexei Nikolsky / REUTERS
Russian President Vladimir Putin. Pool via Sputnik / Alexei Nikolsky / REUTERS

The Kremlin leader expressed his belief that the Russian people are “there” Adequate internal security systems against this ambiguity”. “It is not necessary to fight more direct orders, shouts and accusations, but rather to support our traditional values,” he said.

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In the case of athletes, if a man analyzed that “She declares herself to be a woman and decides to compete in weightlifting or some other sport. Women’s sports will come to a complete halt. ”

“We can not escape from it”, he said. “We need to find effective drugs.”

Putin often used to adopt his public appearance Conservative positions About the issues of cultural war he sees “Western Liberal Viruses” Is propagated in Russian society.

LGBT demonstration in St. Petersburg
LGBT demonstration in St. Petersburg

Speaking at the annual meeting of the Voltaic Discussion Club in Sochi in October, he spoke of the fact that children in the West. “They are taught that a boy can become a woman, and vice versa” means “on the brink of crime against humanity.” “

Since taking office as President of Russia, Putin has created the image of “macho”, repeatedly posing shirtless, and sometimes riding and maintaining a horse. Extremely conservative positions on LGBTQ + issues. In 2013, Russia passed a law Prohibits exposure to homosexual propaganda

In 2020, the government used Ban on “homosexual campaign” Harassment of an LGBTQ + rights activist, according to Human Rights Watch. Russia added a referendum on the 2020 constitution Definition of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

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