March 28, 2023

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Videos showing the aftermath of the Ukrainian attack on the Wagner group’s mercenary base

Ruined mercenary building at Bhopasna

It was revealed yesterday Ukraine was destroyed A Russian mercenary base in the Luhansk regionAfter Russian propaganda channels revealed a photo of the invasion forces and a poster The right place of meeting.

Later, three videos started circulating on social networks Destruction at the base of mercenaries.

Ukraine destroys Russian mercenary base in Luhansk region

The attack was confirmed in Popasna, south of Severodonetsk Sergei Gaidai, the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region, and several pro-Russian war correspondents. Reports did not specify the number of victims.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine again successfully attacked the enemy’s headquarters. This time in Popazna, the PMC Wagner base was destroyed. The death toll is clear. At the same time, on the front lines, The Russians are actively deploying attack and military aircraft – airstrikes were recorded in three populated areas“, said.

Ruined building at Bhopasna

Gaidai also explained how the headquarters was attacked Ukrainian forces “attacked the enemy headquarters, the location of which was thanks to a Russian journalist.” Additionally, he pointed out “Headquarters of the Wagner Group in Bhopal”Refers to a private paramilitary organization not officially recognized by the Kremlin, but which plays a key role in its operations abroad.

The location data emerged from a recent encounter with the mercenaries by Russian reporter Sergey Shredda, who uploaded photos of his tour to Telegram last week.. After months of fighting and destruction Donbas is in the hands of invading troops.

In the pictures uploaded by Shreda, there is a sign with the address of the nearest shelter: 12 Mironivska Street. A few meters away, on the 8th, was the building allegedly used by the Wagner group that led the Ukrainian offensive.

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The reporter’s message was later deleted, but there were duplicate copies on other channels.

Description in the photo: address with number 12 Mironivska Street. Analysts suspect that this was a mistake or an intentional inclusion

The reporter said Denis Kazansky, The Ukrainian military used the HIMARS multiple-launch rocket systemThis allows you to accurately engage targets at great distances.

After the attack, it was revealed that an unknown number of dead or injured, possibly Oligarchs, had died. Evgeny PrigogineThe so-called “Vladimir Putin’s chef” and very close to the Russian president, as one of the photos showed a person with similar features.

However, no official confirmation about his condition has been released. Prigozhin has previously visited and coordinated operations in the Donbass, but this is not the first time false reports of his death have been circulated, which are generally not denied.

As for the attack, Ruslan Leviv, founder of the Conflict Investigation Committee, an independent Russian organization that investigates events in the region, suspected the photo was an inadvertent mistake, hinting at the possibility that it was a clue left on purpose. As suggested, It could be a ruse to provoke a response from Ukraine and reveal the exact location of the artillery. Handed over to Kiev by Western Allies.

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