March 28, 2023

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Video: Driver caught while dropping his luxury car down the stairs of a mountain in Bogot

The drive ended on the stairs of a residential department in Bogot. Photos: Screenshots (Twitter @JULIOC_HERRERA)

It started on Wednesday Viralize a video An interest in it – at the same time Dangerous– The maneuver of a driver Bogota. Who is in charge of the car brand Mercedes Benz, No worries about Send the vehicle over a hill From the capital of the country.

The Colombian actor shared this post. Julio Caesar Herrera, Through social networks. With surprise and a bit of humor, he described the path this person took before concluding the next stairs to what a residential building would look like: “Someone thought his car was 4 x 4“, His first words.

Herrera’s journey begins with the show A mountain, In which the driver is assumed to have been stopped first. Then, he begins to descend through the sloping terrain One path and many stones. Further down, some stairs will emerge in a narrow space, making it difficult to cross considering the dimensions of the vehicle.

Began to descend here […] I.e. destroyed it. I really can’t explain it, Look what the guy did, how did he do it ?!“, The artist insisted. You can see next to the stairs Randomness, Says the citizen passed by to reach the sidewalk. Of course: you may ask during filming Noise from metalwork can hit the base, hood and bumper Of the vehicle

Eventually this person goes on the road as if nothing had happened: “How awful”, Herrera was sentenced, he thanked her for her role as‘ Freddie ’ ‘I Betty The Ugly’. Participated in other productions such as ‘Francisco Mathematician’, ‘A Clean Hand’ Y ‘The Hypochondriac’.

The actor, Julio Caesar Herrera, revealed the particular event through social networks. Twitter JULIOC_HERRERA

The move has been the subject of debate on digital platforms. On the one hand, some users expressed concern Lack of culture Of certain persons. “It’s not a question of how he did it, it’s questions Who controls, who monitors, who suspends a barrier?, What should we do to improve the culture of all citizens? … Animals will not starve as they celebrate what they did ”.

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However, others took it Some humor: “They are cars for sale:”Single owner, never crashed, Darling, looking at it and buying it “and”If Waze says it’s over there, it’s there!”.


The Bogota’s Mobility SecretariatIf the driver is identified, such restrictions as exposure may be imposed D05: “Driving on sidewalks, squares, sidewalks, dividers, perms, canal contours, Green areas or special roads for non-motor vehicles (Lots $ 781,200) ”. In addition, irresponsibility is also considered a crime D07: “Driving while maneuvering Very dangerous and irresponsible It puts people or things at risk (well $ 781,200) ”.

Based on the large number of jobs being carried out this year, the mayor of Bogot, Claudia LopezHe promised that the movement in the capital would improve within three years. “Until 2025 there will be no better movement in Bogot, When it comes to operation Cali, USA, Caracas, 68, ALO South, Autonord’s Extension and Seventh. That’s what we had on hand, “he said in an interview Empty chair.

Similarly, for 2028 It is expected to come into operation Extension of 13th Street or Centenario Avenue, A strategic division for the Bogotá-Region project, and connecting from the western border Trunk Americas with race 50.

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