October 3, 2022

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Victoria Nuland, a shadowy figure in the Ukraine crisis | Comment

Ukraine Seems to have suffered endless suffering. In recent days a catastrophic balance has been added to its current internal problems (economic problems and corruption according to the European Union) arising from the potential conflict in its complex territory between NATO troops and Russia. Victoria J. Nuland, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, In talks between Washington and Moscow. Nuland’s dark background rarely comes to light in the dominant press inside and outside the United States.

He is an industrial diplomat but, above all, a campaigner for major arms companies in his country, including General Dynamics, Northrop Krumman and other companies that are increasing profits in proportion to the war hysteria of US foreign policy and withdrawing in part. To their guides in the halls of Washington, including Nuland. It is no small fact that she married Robert Gagan, one of the fiercest and most militant neoconservatives, and that they would participate in a series of organizations and think tanks dedicated to upholding essential American dominance in world affairs. Both have played a significant role in shaping responsibility for the biggest military defeats in Afghanistan, Iraq and other war adventures in Syria.

Nuland was a major one between 2003 and 2005 Advisers to Vice President Dick Cheney and a serious promoter of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. One policy has created a balance of half a million deaths over the years, although estimates are far too high. During his second term, President George W. Bush. Bush rewarded his militancy and appointed him Ambassador of NATO Between 2005 and 2008, he devoted himself to setting up international support. Industry American In Afghanistan. In 2013, Barack Obama was appointed Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, from which he actively promoted the protests of nationalist and neo-Nazi groups against the government of Viktor Yanukovych, President of Ukraine and the party’s representative. The regions oppose the unification of Ukraine by the European Union and NATO. Nuland not only funded the “soft conspiracy” (which culminated in several bloody episodes), but also personally participated in far-right demonstrations in Kiev’s Square Square at the end of December 2013 (See photo)

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After the parliamentary dismissal of the Yanukovych government on February 22, 2014, the apparent US involvement in Ukraine’s internal affairs became even more apparent. Although Washington promised that the problems of the European country would be solved by the Ukrainians, the US ambassadors to Ukraine, Nuland and Jeffrey Fiat, were responsible for choosing which of the opposition leaders would take power. Government. On February 27, 2014, US approval fell on Arseni Petrovich Yatseniuk, a lawyer and politician closely associated with the banks who was appointed Prime Minister of Ukraine. In a telephone conversation between Pyatt and Nuland, the ambassador suggested that it would be better to consult with the EU (who deceived other opposition leaders) before proposing in favor of Yatseniuk. Nuland’s response was final, so it was recorded and spread around the world: “To hell with the EU!” According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, Washington’s unworthy slaves, the region’s subordinate governments, humbly accepted this humiliation. Angela Merkel and Hermann von Rompoy, President of the Council of EuropeThey limited themselves to demanding that the words of the Americans be “totally unacceptable” and without any withdrawal. The hard model of the moral and political bankruptcy of European governments!

Days ago, this is why we wrote this note, Nuland said the “North-Stream 2” gas pipeline would be set up if the Russian invasion of Ukraine came into effect. – The purpose of transporting gas from Russia to Western Europe without passing through Ukrainian territory – can not begin to work. If there is one thing we can be sure of, the leading role of this character is bad news because it will reduce the chances of finding a diplomatic solution to the current Ukrainian crisis. Nuland and her Washington “hawks”, They are the most radical and violent manifestation of imperialism in its current state of decline. They believe in their country’s “civilized mission” (hence the notion of the United States as an “essential country”) and regard Russia and China as barbaric nations that threaten the stability of the current world. The only language they understand is power. That is why NATO surrounds Russia from the Baltic to the Black Sea and the US Navy approaches Taiwan.

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