June 3, 2023

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Vegetable Anticoagulant Vaccine: Made from a Plant and Amazing Its Efficacy

The so-called “plant vaccine” is a Canadian corona virus vaccine developed by Medicago and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). 71% effective in preventing mild and symptomatic Govit-19 and 100% in hospitalization and mortality.

As reported from the laboratory, the results are part of a Phase 3 clinical trial, which is evaluated by localization. Delta variant All over the world. In the study – random and double blind (i.e., neither the patient nor the physician knows whether a vaccine or placebo is being used). 24,134 Over 18 years in different cities of Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

“The overall efficacy rate of the vaccine against all types of SARS-COV-2 was 71 percent. The candidate demonstrated the efficacy of the vaccine. 75.3 percent against Govt-19 in any severity To the globally dominant delta variant. The performance against the gamma variant was 88.6 percent, ”the company statement said.

Furthermore, they noted that “there were no cases of alpha, lambda, and Mu in the vaccinated group, while 12 cases were found in the placebo group. The omigran variant did not spread during the study.”


“Performance was evaluated 160 Govt-19 cases have been reported. What the safety team did when that number was reached is to look at these participants who have been vaccinated against goiter and from there they get performance, ”explained Dr. Gonzalo Perez Mark, head of research and teaching at the Maternal Department. The Children’s Hospital of the Central Military Hospital, Argentina Center participated 7,133 participants, which is almost a third of the total worldwide.

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Said the expert The results are “excellent.” “It should be taken into account that the vaccine is valued in the context of the global dominance of the delta variant, which, unlike the others, was analyzed with less contagious variants and therefore the results are not comparable.”

With regard to safety, the vaccine caused Some adverse effects: “There were no serious cases, but there was also a low fever. The most common pain at the site of application,” the researcher described.

This is why it is called the “plant vaccine”

Perez Mark recalled that it was called the “plant vaccine, but in fact it was a virus-like molecule (VLP).” It is produced inside a plant (N. benthamiana) “.” Binding the genetic material from the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 and what the plant does is allow it to form a particle with all the characteristics of a corona virus protein within a membrane. Fat, then a particle very similar to the virus is formed; This, in conjunction with the immune response developer, produces very high levels of neutralizing antibodies, ”he explained.

The researcher described “about this Very innovative site The virus is being tested for vaccines for H1N1 and Ebola, but this current test has allowed for greater testing of safety and function.

Vaccine regulation Two sizes are required (3.75 micrograms of antigen combined with GSK’s infectious agent) is injected intramuscularly at 21-day intervals; The vaccine is stored between 2 C and 8 C, allowing the traditional channels of the vaccine supply and cold chain to be used. “Although they were already approved and in fact vaccines were already being used in the country, many wanted to participate in the study, of course it was Related to a plant-like natural organism, it stimulates many with a more natural vision, Or is reluctant to take medication to use the vaccine, “said Perez Mark.

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Different from the novel and everything

For his part, Daniel Sirino, lead researcher at Mautalen Salud e Investigación, one of the Argentine companies that participated in vaccine testing with more than 1,050 patients, said, “One of the things that makes this vaccine so attractive is its. Plant-based design, a completely different site from other vaccines Available based on inactivated RNA or virus. “

“This vaccine is very innovative because it is based on a particle that has all the external structure of a corona virus, but does not have the RNA that allows the virus to copy. It does not have the ability to infect, but has the ability to develop immunity “, Indian. He added: “Plants are not genetically modified, so I think it’s this natural profile of vaccines that many have agreed to use.”

Finally, the companies said, “Based on these results, Medicago will be looking immediately Regulatory approval of Health Canada As part of their current presentation, they recalled that “this vaccine” has not yet been approved by any regulatory authority.