June 3, 2023

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UK shortens waiting time for third dose of COVID-19 amid Omicron variation concerns

Woman vaccinated at London Middlesex Hospital (Photo: REUTERS / Henry Nichols)

All adults over the age of 18 in the UK can receive the booster dose of the corona virus vaccine within three months of the second injection., The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI), which was recommended on Monday, is advising the British government on the spread of the new variant. Omigron.

Assistant Medical Adviser to Management, Jonathan van-Tom, Health officials said at a press conference “Act decisively soon”, One more “High level of uncertainty” about the risk of Covit-19’s new omigron variant.

“Given the number of current mutations, we are concerned in advance about the possible effects on the effectiveness of vaccines.”Van-Tom said, however they insisted they would need to be around Three weeks Scientists can more confidently determine the level of protection provided by current products.

June rain, CEO of the British Pharmaceuticals and Health Regulatory Agency (MHRA), said for his part that no. “There is currently no evidence that the vaccines we have been using so far are not effective against the new Omigran.”

Government Medical Advisers recommend Give a booster dose to adults 18 to 39 years of age.

Until now, Only adults 40 and older are eligible for the booster dose Six months Then Second.

At the same time, The advisory panel recommended a second dose of the vaccine for children 12-15 years of age. “There is no time to delay. Considering the urgency of the Vaccine Booster program, we urge everyone to do their part in this project.Van-Tom said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Photo: REUTERS)
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Photo: REUTERS)

Since last week, the London government a Travel ban for 10 South African countries, including South Africa, Should try to control the spread of Omigron.

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That too has been re-introduced Mandatory tests for passengers And this Mandatory use of masks Self-isolation in shops and public transport in the UK, as well as for contact cases.

JCVI approved the government’s proposed expansion to introduce booster doses Modern Oh Pfizer-Bioendech Add more people in the short term.

Great Britain is also one of the many countries that have announced cases of new variation in their region, Including Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

They were found on Monday Six cases of new strain in Scotland, Two of them in the big city of Glasgow. Five more have been confirmed in the UK, Javed told parliament.

“We hope the cases will increase in the coming days,” he said. Added. “In this race between vaccines and the virus, the new variant may have given the virus more legs.”He told delegates. “So our strategy is to buy time and strengthen our security.”Said about the extension of the reinforcement project.

Great Britain, currently chairing the Council of Nations G7, Govind organized an emergency meeting of health ministers on Monday to discuss the crisis. The ministers said in a joint statement The Omicron variant was highly contagious and required “urgent action”.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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