April 1, 2023

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Two of the four US citizens kidnapped in Matamoros were found dead

The governor of Tamaulipas announced on the morning of March 7 that four American citizens had been found.

Tamaulipas Governor Americo Villarreal announced this located at Four from the US What are they? Kidnapped on Friday March 3 in Matamoros. It is reported that two of them were recovered dead.

During President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s morning briefing this Tuesday, Villarreal Anaya confirmed the whereabouts of Latavia McGee, Shayed Woodard, Jintel Brown and Eric James Williams via phone call. One of them—unnamed—was alive Another had injuries.

“We were informed that there were indications that they had seen four US citizens. 35 minutes ago it was full Confirmed by the case (…) Right now ambulances and other security personnel are going to provide support,” Americo Villarreal said after four days of intense searches.

So far it has only been reported One person was arrested For these facts, it is not specified in what part of the state of Tamalipas the American citizens are. The state attorney’s office is expected to release more information about the discovery later in the day.

Initial reports indicate that US citizens have traveled to Mexico for medical treatment. [Twitter/@GildoGarzaMx]

In this regard, President López Obrador expressed his condolences for these events and acknowledged that the White House “has the right to prove” as it did at the time. In this sense, he promised to be Punishment of those responsible and those involved

“It’s very unfortunate (…) we don’t want it (…) we are very sorry that this is happening in our country and we send our condolences to the families, friends and people of the victims. To the US government”

For his part, the Attorney General of Tamaulipas, Irving Barrios MojicaHe commented on his Twitter account Investigation continues and intelligence to apprehend those involved. “Details will be provided later,” he added, adding that elements of the National Guard participated in the operations, as well as the Navy and National Defense Secretaries.

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As of press time, neither the FBI nor the U.S. Embassy in Mexico has ruled on the whereabouts of their companions. It should be remembered that investigations into what happened were led by the leadership Security Agent American and Mexican.

The victims were dragged along the tarmac and then loaded into a white van

Latavia McGee, Sheath Woodard, Jintel Brown and Eric James Williams allegedly crossed the border in a white pickup truck with North Carolina license plates. Afro-Americans traveled to Mexican territory on Friday, March 3rd. Aesthetic-medical procedure (Although AMLO initially indicated that the reason for his trip was to buy drugs).

However, while they were in Matamoros, An armed commando intercepted them. Through threats, they forced them to leave their unit and board another vehicle, in which the events were recorded on video. Since then their whereabouts and the reasons for their deprivation of liberty are unknown.

In American media, a possible relationship between The Gulf Cartel In these facts. Members of one of its armed forces, the “Escorpion Group”, are believed to be behind the kidnapping. However, authorities have not confirmed the participation of this criminal group, which has a strong presence in the border state of Tamaulipas.

Faced with this situation, the American Consulate A Travel warning Do not go to a company that is recommended to its citizens because it is classified Level 4That means avoiding the area, being aware of your surroundings and seeking shelter if necessary.