December 6, 2022

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Thousands of Bolsonaros have called for a coup against Lula’s victory Protesters took advantage of the holiday in cities like Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro

Thousands of Bolsonaros gathered this TuesdayHoliday on the occasion of Republic Day, In front of the barracks of several Brazilian cities to demand military intervention With the intention of preventing the President-elect from taking office, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. Huge raids took place in front of the army headquarters Braziland before the South Eastern Military Command, in St. PaulThere are protesters The alleged fraud in the electronic ballot box system should be condemned In the October 30 election. However, that possibility has already been ruled out by several international observers and a statement by the armed forces.

“We don’t want a communist country”

The protesters were mostly dressed in Brazilian team jerseys and carried flags, and many of them carried placards in Portuguese or English, promising that Brazil had been “robbed” of the Oct. 30 election. “We don’t want Lula to take over on January 1.We don’t want a communist country We want a better Brazil.”The bank said lais nunes30 years old, during a demonstration in Rio de Janeiro.

“There are various reports of fraud in the election, which we cannot accept,” said Leandro de Oliveira, a 38-year-old police officer who blamed the fraud on an alleged conspiracy by the High Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to give privileges to the former president. Brazil between 2003 and 2010. In Brasília, thousands of people gathered in front of military headquarters, holding banners with legends. “SOS Armed Forces”.

Security was beefed up in the central part of the capital on Tuesday after calls for protests were made on social media. Police blocked off vehicular and pedestrian access to the Plaza de los Tres Poderes, where the buildings of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court are located.

A team from Jovem Pan Radio He had to be escorted by the army to leave the protest amid shouts and threats from protesters demanding him to leave the venue. The newspaper says it should be remembered that Jovem Ban was known as the voice of Bolsonaro and that he fired various experts after the second round of the election. sheet of Bye Paulo.

Local media reported that demonstrations were also held in front of military camps in São Paulo and the city of Belo Horizonte in Minas Gerais state. On a smaller scale, anti-democratic acts were also recorded in towns such as Vila Velha, Ribeirao Preto, Joinville and Dorados. sheet According to the account of the truckers of Bahia, Mato Grosso and Goias, he promised that all the costs of joining the caravans would be the responsibility of their employers and agricultural entrepreneurs.

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No military support for now

Despite that, the protest took place on Tuesday The armed forces have expressed their open support for democracy And they acknowledged their “full” agreement with the election results, in which Lula defeated Bolsonaro by a narrow margin of 1.8 percentage points. The military audited the voting system and found no evidence of electoral fraudBut they did not rule out the possibility that it was confirmed.

From the day after the election, far-right groups launched protests, leading to hundreds of truckers blocking various routes across the country in the first days. These restrictions were lifted four days after the electionBolsonaro asked his supporters to refrain from blocking the roads, although the then-retired army captain justified the demonstrations and called them legitimate.

Since then, small groups have camped out in front of some barracks, but protesters have returned to the streets in significant numbers only on holidays like the Day of the Dead and this Tuesday, the day invested by the republican government. Remembered by Marshal Diodoro da Fonseca in Rio de Janeiro in 1889.

Bolsonaro is still in prison

After the electoral defeat and the culminating change with Lula’s inauguration in January, Bolsonaro remains reclusive and has practically withdrawn from public life, even from social networks. The Liberal Party (PL), from the height of its formation, has strongly criticized a Bolsonaro voluntary quota. The time to lick the wounds caused by electoral defeat is overAccording to the newspaper globe.

His detractors feel that if he continues this approach, he could be pushed into irrelevance and lose much of his support despite the election results. Decided not to attend G20 meeting What is happening these days in Bali, Indonesia, has been criticized by his allies, who feel he should have used his international agenda to counter the influence of Lula, who will be seen at a United Nations climate summit in Egypt this week. (COP27).

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Within the PL they understand that it is time to turn to elections and Bolsonaro as opposition leader facing a possible candidacy in 2026. Lula “It’s time for the president to publicly admit defeat and think about whether he’ll prepare himself to be a candidate again in a few years,” he said last week. “No one will believe the conspiracies of an election loser”.