February 4, 2023

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This is why people in the UK drive the wrong way

Find out the reason that leads to it Englishman, As well as a good portion of the inhabitants of their former colonies, Put the steering wheel on the right side and drive their carsThe series blows surprises. First, the passage of time was elaborated by historians Prior to the Roman Empire.

In ancient times, The person in charge of driving or riding a cart tried to get special command with his right hand Can retaliate for any attack. Whips, swords, darts and many other weapons were part of that reality.

Since most people are right-wing, they always are Every time someone appeared on the opposite side of the road it was searched that they would pass to the right Thus avoiding surprises.

The most important details

Many centuries have passed The automobile came and was manufactured in the industry. Then, The French had already been liberated from what was represented on the right by chariots and from the time of their revolution (18th century). Most run them from the center or from the left.

For its part, Great Britain and Portugal, Were on the list They opposed the change, Is the first serious in this matter.

Great Britain and Portugal were on the list of countries opposing the U-turn manipulationBexels

New process

The steering and driver’s seat in the first cars were in the center. Then some manufacturers With the aim of having a better view of traffic, they decided to move it to the left In the opposite direction.

Similarly, British manufacturers thought the right part was the most convenient In order not to damage the car by colliding with the common walls and other structures of cities.

In the end, Most countries in the world did not follow the British idea, But is close to be taken into account 34% of the world’s population The steering wheel moves on the vehicles on the right. Australia, UK, India, Kenya, Among other things, is part of a more unique list.

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