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This is the billionaire and enormous inheritance Queen Elizabeth II left to Prince William and Carlos III | Critical Voices – Salta

Monday, January 30, 2023

A few months after the death Queen Isabel II, Prince William found out what the true heir was that he left behind. Carlos III benefited, but the one left out of it all was Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, who decided to leave the royal family in 2020.

Carlos III and Guillermo inherited the properties in the name Isabel. More powers. Thus the heir to the crown received the ducat of Cornwall, which had been given by his father, and thereby greatly increased his estates. This will allow you to significantly increase your luck.

With that inheritance, Prince William inherited a portfolio of investments and a total of 540 square kilometers of land. In this way, she became one of the two royal dukedoms of England, along with Kate Middleton’s husband, the Duke of Lancaster. inform Critical voices.

The ducat received by Guillermo Mother of Charles III, agricultural lands, forests and parks. In addition to other properties and islands. The property is worth more than $1 billion. That would raise annual profits for Prince William and his family to $24 million.

Elizabeth II and the heirs to the crown.

Carlos III will be crowned in the following months, and from that moment he will have access to all the properties he left behind. Queen Elizabeth II am. In addition to the authority he holds for the highest authority of the British royal family. With all this he continues to increase his legacy and powers.

In this way, the one who benefited most from his grandmother’s inheritance was Carlos III and Diana’s eldest son, while his brother Harry was left out of the inheritance. In any case, he is still a member of royalty, which is why he retains important benefits.

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