June 7, 2023

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This is a milestone not only for Tesla, but also for electric cars

The Tesla Model Y has overtaken the Toyota Corolla to become the world’s best-selling car. This is the key innovation in a report by analyst firm Jado Dynamics Explain In the first quarter of 2023, the Tesla SUV was the best-selling car on the entire planet.

This is a milestone not only for Tesla, but for the electric car industry as a whole. This is the first time an electric car from any manufacturer has achieved this level World’s best selling car.

The data is consistent with the first quarter, but analysts point out that it is in very good shape to maintain this leadership throughout the year.

The world’s best-selling car is now an electric car

He The report collected data from Motor1 And rate some 267,200 Model Y sales in the first half in 53 different countries, compared to the Corolla’s 256,400. In this field of best-selling cars, the Japanese manufacturer is the undisputed leader with models like the RAV4, Hilux or Camry, but Tesla’s Model Y is lurking on the podium.

A month ago we explained that the Tesla Model Y has become the best-selling electric car in Europe, surpassing the Dacia Sandero. Now this leadership is already all over the world.

Tesla’s electric SUV sales are at that level Model 3 has cannibalized sales. One of the explanations is its low cost, in the case of Spain the economic version that falls within the MOVES aid program.

Compared to the Corolla, which costs about 24,000 euros, the Model Y is more modern but significantly more expensive, after all the aids and subsidies in Spain, about 43,000 euros.

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The Model Y was already one of the best-selling cars last year, but it’s only available in the world’s biggest markets. It was ranked fourth in China. Its availability hasn’t changed much this year, but the combination of good trends has overtaken Toyota’s best seller.

We will have to confirm this data with other analyst firms and see what the picture is by the end of 2023, but this is the first time that an electric car has been declared the best-selling car in the world. A milestone that has been years in the makingBut it’s finally here.

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