June 7, 2023

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They undertake the socialization day of the program “Calfuco: Immerse yourself in the Valdivian coast”.

With a view to sensitize the local bodies and organizations about the works undertaken in the project “Dink off the coast of Calfuco, Valdivian” A socialization day was held at the Calfuco Coastal Aquatic Laboratory (LCRAC) of the Australian University of Chile.

Officials and representatives of SEREMI for Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation of the Southern Macrozone, SEREMI for Education, SEREMI for Women and Gender Equality, SEREMI, SEREMI, Local Institute of Ocean and Limnological Sciences of UACh and academics. The project is led by the Research Institute’s Faculty of Science and is funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation’s Public Science Program on Public Space for the Public, with its link to the environment.

The exhibit opens in December and will be installed at the Calbuco Laboratory. It will cover various areas of marine science, with the aim of socializing scientific knowledge with a gender perspective through a tour that will assess the marine heritage of the Valdivian coast and bring science closer to the community to promote scientific tourism in the region.

It will develop a pathway of experience stations linking marine biodiversity and its ecological interactions, ecosystem services and cultural heritage of coastal communities, to be designed in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Science and Limnological (ICML) and academics. Local organizations will share their lifestyles and experiences with the sea.

During the day, the project was presented, emphasizing the progress of the co-design stage and the projections that will open with this exhibition for the community. Under Secretary for Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation Dr. Carolina Cainza, who participated in this space and visited the Calfuco Coastal Hydrology Laboratory, pointed out about the future exhibition, “We were able to see the research they are doing. Topics of the marine environment related to climate change and a general science program located at the Universidad Austral de Chile (“Calfuco, submerged in the Valdivian coast Leave”), they work with the community to research the center and how it is linked to the cultural heritage and communities of the area.

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Leila Cárdenas, dean of the Faculty of Science, praised the appointment and the invitation, and said “Through this project we want to connect with the community in a close way, open our laboratory and share scientific knowledge. We want to contribute to the Los Rios region in the development of scientific tourism and to spread to visitors the importance of preserving the oceans, and thus humanity.” We can successfully tackle climate change.

In this event, a workshop was held with ICML and local institutions such as the Junta de Vecinos Los Pellines, Pichitraiguen, Curiñanco and the Juan Bosch School in Niebla, who shared their lifestyles and experiences with the sea. To collect information for sample module: Ocean and its people. In addition, samples were sampled from Valdivian coastal forests and sustainably collected in Bilungura Nature Reserve.

Marisol Barria, director of the project, explained, “Through this participatory co-design workshop we want to create a shared knowledge of the ways of the coastal inhabitants, freeing the work of the communities and promoting a greater level of appropriation. The future users of the programs, who have been part of the process since its inception.

For her part, SEREMI for Women and Gender Equality, Francisca Corbalan, “it is necessary for the Ministry of Women to promote the historical role and contribute to the gender perspective to create a more social and balanced space. Women on the beach.”

During the visit, officials and visitors were invited to a guided tour of the station, where they had the opportunity to speak with researchers and learn about the projects being carried out at Calfuco and science dissemination products such as photo exhibitions. Ojo de Bes”.

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