February 4, 2023

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They sell dollars again through one of the banned channels

On Thursday, November 11, the Monetary Commission released Contact A7398, Had its central axis of direct observation of banks without prior change. But it also allowed the personal attention of authorized transfer houses and agencies.

Members of the department assured that the BCRA deliberately made no small impact on the last part of this relationship. In this context, homes did not immediately open their doors, waiting to confirm the authenticity of the recognition.

However, restrictions on the purchase of dollars at the retail level are still fully in place and should be respected by agents. In other words, individuals can only buy for US $ 200 per month, and they have to consider taxes related to operation, along with other regulations established by the federal government over the past two years.

The retail dollar was flat on Tuesday at $ 108.48, tax-free, averaging the financial sector’s major banks. In turn, the retail value of the currency at Banco NaciĆ³n is $ 108.

Thus, the savings dollar or consolidated dollar – which is 30% of the country tax and 35% of the income tax account – is referred to as $ 178.99.

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