April 1, 2023

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They released shocking videos of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s husband being assaulted

The attacker has come home

A U.S. judge on Friday released an attack on the husband of the current former president of the House of Representatives. Nancy PelosiIt shows the arrival of agents at the family home and the moment he is attacked.

Paul Pelosi, 82, was attacked on October 28 at home in San Francisco, California. The assailant was identified as David DeBabe42, shouted and entered the house “Where’s Nancy?”She was in Washington at the time.

The moment Paul Pelosi was attacked in America

Dissemination of images by the San Francisco Superior Court occurs after a chain of various media. CNNThey would have demanded that they be made public because they say what happened.”Transparency”.

The video, which is one minute and 39 seconds long and contains explicit content, shows agents arriving at the home and knocking on the door.

Paul Pelosi (REUTERS/Ken Cedeno)

Paul Pelosi was able to call 911 before the attacker allowed him to go to the bathroom, where his phone was charging. His call came at 02:27 local time (09:27 GMT).

When the door opens, the American politician’s husband and assailant are seen standing in the doorway, holding a single hammer and staring straight ahead.

“whats going on?”, an agent asks, to which DePape replies that everything is fine and Pelosi, barefoot, remains silent.

The attacker grabs Pelosi’s hand holding the hammer with his other hand while Pelosi complains and the police officers, who shine their flashlights on them, yell at him to let him go.

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DeBape then says no, and he hits Pelosi with a hammer to stop her from grabbing him. Not evident.

David DeBabe
David DeBabe

“¡poop!” shouts an agent, who immediately rushes into the house and pounces on the attacker. By then Pelosi was lying on the ground, bruised and battered, motionless, bloodied shirt.

“give me your hand” They tell Dapp that his call to the emergency services was overheard.

Zuckerberg, husband of the then Speaker of the House of Commons, was rushed to the General Hospital and underwent a successful operation. Skull fracture and various severe injuries to the right arm and hand.

The attacker was also hospitalized, but no information was released on his condition. His attack came less than two weeks before the Nov. 8 midterm elections, in which Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives and retained control of the Senate.

Nancy Pelosi announced in mid-November that she was stepping down as the Democratic leader of the current House of Representatives. The woman had expected the day before the election that the attack would affect her decision about her future.

This Thursday, he told reporters that he hadn’t seen the video yet and didn’t know if he was going to: “It will be very difficult to see the attack on my husband’s life.”Paul Pelosi hinted that even if there is some recovery, it will take “at least three months” to get back to normal.

(with information from EFE)

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