June 3, 2023

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They board a plane to go home, but they land in an unexpected place

Elise Mallia and Jessie Jesquale are a couple from the United Kingdom who have lived through strange experiences together. There was a holiday He intended to return home to Marseilles, France After doing your rounds. however, A mistake put them in a crippling situation: Your plane landed in an unknown location. Instead of arriving on British soil as expected, the two travelers ended up in another country in a situation that led to despair and uncertainty.

Their story begins when they realize they are in Madrid, Spain and not England.. When they got off the plane, they realized that the city was not what they knew. There, they realized the mistake: “An hour into our flight, Jesse said he heard the Madrid flight attendant say, but I thought I was dreaming”, Ellis shared in the newspaper Glass.

Because of this unexpected event, their vacations had to be extended, and at least they were figuring out how to fix everything. Finally, He decided to buy a ticket back home Five hours later Live in another country against his will. At that time, they tried to describe what happened, but not even now Do you know how they got on the wrong plane?. “When we asked, they said we were going to Madrid, and we didn’t know how that was possible. We were stunned, and so were the flight attendants,” the woman said.

The pair boarded the wrong flight; Although they believed it was a dream, their plane landed in another countryGlass

According to their testimonies, the pair of travelers had no idea how this entire trip happened to them, especially if one considers it They scanned their boarding pass at least three times before boarding the plane. “It’s not like getting on the wrong bus, we’re actually in a different country,” Ellis said.

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The couple set off successfully, or at least that’s what they believed at the time.. Ellis himself swore he saw the word “Stansted” (where they were going) on ​​his door, and the word “Madrid” next to it. However, it seems that his eyesight failed and his mistake actually occurred when he landed on another plane.

We panicked and tried to explain to the staff that we shouldn’t be in Spain.. At first they all thought we were crazy until we showed them our boarding passes. How come no one noticed our boarding passes or realized there were two extra passengers on the plane?

When Mallia and Jezequel arrived at their house, everything was in order. They still wonder how the unthinkable happened. “Surely you can’t get on the wrong plane without anyone noticing,” Elise guessed.

The couple seized their boarding passes at least three times, but no one noticed the mistake.
The couple seized their boarding passes at least three times, but no one noticed the mistake.Glass

The airline was consulted by the media GlassTalking about the incident in one of his flights, he said: It’s the passenger’s fault. “Mr Jesquale and Ms Mallya boarded a flight from Marseille to London through the correct gate to Stansted. However, These passengers did not follow the flight’s assigned route Departs London Stansted. They crossed unauthorized territory and mistakenly boarded a flight to Madrid,” the spokesman said.

Obviously, Contingencies played against them: “Both passengers were able to occupy the same seats they had booked for their original journey. This flight is not fully occupied”, citing the same source about this unusual case.

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