December 6, 2022

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The United States has raised 8,500 troops due to tensions on the Ukraine-Russia border.

Joe Biden meets with his National Security Council on the crisis between Russia and Ukraine (Reuters)

America put 8.500 Military Tensions in Ukraine have been high for months, with tensions rising in Ukraine.

The Pentagon has vigilantly mobilized about 8,500 soldiers.ReadyTo establish itself in Eastern Europe, Within NATO, If Russia invades Ukraine.

A Pentagon spokesman said. John Kirby, At a press conference, he pointed out that the United States wants to be ready for Russia’s movements He made it clear that there was no mission or deployment assigned to this U.S. military at this time.

That’s America Tuning Ukraine’s military plans for all situations in crisis, the White House said Monday. Washington is working to strengthen its position in the eastern part of NATO.

White House spokesman, Jen SakiHe told reporters that the United States had “never rejected” its offer of assistance to countries in the East. “Before any invasion” From Russia to Ukraine.

President Joe Biden meets with his National Security Council at his Camp David Retreat on Saturday Options to send more troops to NATO allies in Eastern Europe, In response to Russia’s military presence on the border with Ukraine.

A member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fights on the way to split with pro-Russian rebel forces near Harlevka (REUTERS / Anna Kudriavtseva) in the Donetsk region.
A member of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fights on the way to split with pro-Russian rebel forces near Harlevka (REUTERS / Anna Kudriavtseva) in the Donetsk region.

The White House, on the other hand, asked Americans in Ukraine on Monday Leave the country “and confirmed that no such eviction plan was being considered in Afghanistan.

“We firmly believe it’s time to leave.”, U.S. government spokesman Jen Zhag promised at his daily news conference, where he clarified. “There is no plan to expel the army.”

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Foreign Ministry on Sunday ordered the families of staff at its embassy in Kiev to leave Ukraine. Authorized the evacuation of non-essential personnel in the face of the “threat of continued military action in Russia.”

This Monday the White House went further and asked Saki “US citizens currently in Ukraine must leave immediately.”

“It simply came to our notice then. So now we go broadcast to American citizensZaki said when asked by reporters.

US weapons en route to Ukraine (Reuters)
US weapons en route to Ukraine (Reuters)

A White House spokesman said Americans could leave Ukraine on commercial flights or by land, with the embassy in Kiev. “Provide help”.

But he reiterated that recommendation that Afghanistan was the only precedent for the withdrawal of the military. Leaving Ukraine is in cases like Ethiopia or Kazakhstan.

At the same press conference, Psaki revealed that the US government has been dealing with its European allies in recent weeks. It is possible to deploy US troops in Eastern Europe.

Biden will speak with European Commission (EC) President Ursula van der Leyen on Monday afternoon; Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, Y Several European leaders coordinated the response to the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

The Atlantic Coalition announced it this Monday “With caution” And as Russia continues its military build-up in Ukraine and its environs, it is sending more warships and warplanes to NATO’s positions in Eastern Europe.

(With information from EFE, Reuters and AFP)

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