February 4, 2023

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The United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom have condemned Iran’s provocations on nuclear issues and demanded that Ibrahim Raisi abide by the agreement.

British Boris Johnson, French Emmanuel Macron, German Angela Merkel and US President Joe Biden (REUTERS / Kevin Lamarque)

Leaders of the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Germany said in a statement on Saturday:Surviving and growing anxiety“For him Tehran violates 2015 agreement on Iranian nuclear program, They insisted “Change the course”.

We express our growing and growing concern over the rapid pace of Iran’s provocative actions in the nuclear field (…)”Reads a joint statement by leaders warning that Washington will not return to the deal if Tehran continues its approach.

Presidents of the United States, Joe Biden, And from France, Emmanuel Macron, As well as German government leaders, Angela Merkel, And from the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, Met on the sidelines of the G20 summit of the 20 most developed countries in Rome.

These countries, along with China and Russia, reached a historic agreement in 2015 to control the scope of Iran’s nuclear program. Although Donald Trump abandoned the United States in 2018, in exchange for removing international sanctions, to prevent the fitting of a nuclear bomb.

Family photo of world leaders at G20 summit (Ludovic Marin / Pool via Reuters)
Family photo of world leaders at the G20 summit (Ludovic Marin / Pool via Reuters)

Faced with the re-imposition of sanctions by its US administration, Iran, then led by moderation Hassan Rohani |, Decided to resume production of highly enriched uranium, Creates anxiety among Europeans who want to defend the treaty.

Tehran, with radical conservative president Ibrahim Raisi Now headed, he revealed his this week Option to resume talks in November To save the contract, this too The current White House tenant, Biden, a Democrat, is considering a return.

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We firmly believe that it is still possible to quickly reach and implement the agreement to return to compliance“Of the agreement, the four Western leaders pointed out in their statement, in which they state”This is possible only if Iran changes course”.

“We call on President Rice to seize this opportunity and resume good faith to bring our talks to a successful conclusion as a matter of urgency. This is the only surefire way to avoid a dangerous increase that will not benefit any country, ”they warned.

Last April, Washington began talks in Vienna with six major powers, including the United States, indirectly to return to the treaty and Iran agree to a re-agreement, but they were suspended when August Rice came to power. Leaders in Rome expressed their desire that Iran could not develop a nuclear weapon, and after leaving the talks in June, shared their concern that Iran had “accelerated the pace of provocative nuclear activities.”

Of these, high-enriched uranium production or low transparency and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency make it difficult to return to negotiations, they argued. . And the United States must fully comply with the JCPOA and provide the basis for a continued diplomatic engagement to resolve our concerns and the remaining disputes in Iran, ”they concluded.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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