November 28, 2021

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The study shows that Amazon birds have changed their body composition due to climate change


16 November 2021 00:46 GMT

Researchers do not rule out the possibility that numerous organisms around the world are subject to similar evolutionary adaptations.

An international team of researchers has found that birds that inhabit the Amazon, including the most remote areas, gradually reduce their body size and increase their wings in response to global warming. Published In recent scientific advances.

According to scientists, analysis of morphometric data from 77 species of migratory birds living in the foothills of the South American jungle, which is increasingly exposed to extreme climatic conditions, shows that their body mass is lower than that of the samples. In the 1980s, one-third of these wings increased in length.

Changes in the morphology of birds, according to academics, are the result of evolutionary processes and adaptation to changing climates, especially during the dry season from June to November, when less food is available.

“These birds adapt to warmer and drier climates, reducing the load on their wings and becoming more energy efficient in flight. […] Reduced body weight and increased wing length allow for more efficient use of resources while staying warmer in warmer climates. Details teachers.

Because the database covers a vast area of ​​the Amazon, researchers have warned that this is a widespread phenomenon affecting most of the ornithological fauna of tropical forests. They also noted that numerous organisms around the world are likely to experience similar adaptations.

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