January 27, 2023

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The snap of the European tour is viral

Alberto Fernandez He is touring Europe, where he attended the G-20 summit in Rome, this time being part of the summit. Glasgow for Climate Change. He rubs shoulders with hundreds of world leaders. But even Summarize failures. Now a video of how that is going viral John Kerry, Ambassador United States, He takes her hand from his shoulder.

Video trimming will last Only 20 seconds. The Argentine president turned his back and welcomed Kerry, the government’s special envoy, with enthusiasm. Joe Biden To rank the US position on the climate change agenda.

With Sinstrap hanging from an ear, Fernandez exchanged a few words with the former US presidential candidate. And, maybe Very kind, Put his right hand on Kerry’s left shoulder.

The moment when John Kerry holds the hand of Alberto Fernandez.

Former US Secretary of State He wonders And reacts Obvious discomfort: With one hand Wrist socket To Fernandes, he grabbed Argentina’s elbow with the other Remove his hand and avoid touching it.

Meanwhile, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel He crosses the scene from a corner, with a hasty gesture, More cheat And with some discomfort.

Alberto Fernandez took part this Monday UN Leaders Summit in Glasgow. There he promised, “Sustainable growth is In intensive care“His speech will take place at the Climate Summit this Tuesday, and he will return to Argentina a few hours later.

Frustrated quotes from Alberto F.

This is not the first exchange between Alberto F and Kerry. Previous Yes it adhered to the protocol: While the Argentine President toured Portugal, Spain, France, the Vatican and Italy, they also held a private meeting in Rome on May 14th.

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During this new presidential tour, Fernandez sought to make two meetings. Pope Francisco And with Pitan. However, None of those dates happened.

John Kerry, behind US President John Biden.  AFP photo

John Kerry, behind US President John Biden. AFP photo

It is about these desperate attempts George Lanotta’s monologue on the “PPT box” this Sunday.

“In Italy, Alberto’s mission was to meet with the pope, but Percoglio did not want to get itSaid the journalist.

“Looks like I couldn’t find it Bad ass face The last one to put him down, “he said of his connection with the Supreme Pontif. TV and radio presenter recalled the pope’s harsh gesture last May in a portrait he showed him with his Argentine entourage.

The face of Pope Francis' embarrassment with Alberto Fernandez last May.

The face of Pope Francis’ embarrassment with Alberto Fernandez last May.

Lanata said the “clear purpose” of the trip to the G-20 summit was to “meet with Pita.” That too, in the absence of an official appointment, Alberto Fernandez was promoted with great fanfare A shortcut in the corridors With the President of the United States.

“In government they sold it as a ‘meeting with Pita.’ Lasted 40 seconds, And because Alberto does not speak English, half of the 40 seconds belong to the translator, ”Lanada said paradoxically.

During a new conference initiative, he launched a program to match the president’s agenda: “If it had been discovered, the meeting would have lasted longer.” In the bathroom urinals“.

This remarkable gesture by Kerry and the encounters with Biden and the Pope added another piece of information that went unnoticed: Alberto Fernandez Beat the lack of tradition Photo of G20 leaders Trevy Fountain, Where A. They performed the rite of initiation Coin for water.

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Biden, for his part, had his own viral moment, when a video spread on the networks It was like sleeping In one of the UN talks.