June 3, 2023

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The self-proclaimed “shaman” who attacked the US Capitol was sentenced to three years in prison

Jacob Anthony Chansley, also known as Jack Angeli of Arizona, poses with his face painted in the colors of the American flag as Donald Trump supporters gather in Washington on the day of the attack on the Capitol (Photo: Reuters)

A follower of Donald Trump and a self-proclaimed “shaman” his bare chest and horny fur hat made him a Face January 6 Attack on US Capitol, Was sentenced to 41 months in prison this Wednesday.

The prosecution demanded that he be sentenced to more than four years in prison Jacob Chansley, 34, pleaded guilty in September to occupying the headquarters of the US Congress. Together with hundreds of Trump supporters, lawmakers are blocking the certification of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election.

Chansley “Turned into a movie” Judge Royce Lambert said in a statement that the day was “a tumultuous day for American democracy.” “What you did was horrible,” he added, at the same time.SadnessThe accused said.

On January 6, Chansley, who adheres to QAnon’s conspiracy theories, He entered Senate headquarters armed with a spear and a naked body, sat in a chair reserved for Vice President Mike Pence and left a note: “This is a thing, get justice!”

Jacob Anthony Chansley during the attack on the Capitol (Photo: Reuters)
Jacob Anthony Chansley during the attack on the Capitol (Photo: Reuters)

The “shaman”, originally from Phoenix, Arizona, was arrested a few days after the incident and remanded in custody for ten months. In September, he pleaded guilty to obstructing an official action in federal court in Washington.

On November 10, the prosecution said 51 months in prison, Would have been the most severe sentence ever handed down against a participant in the January 6 attacks, despite the drop of violent charges.

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“You misbehaved”

No matter how harsh the verdict “This is enough to stop any such crime forever.”Attorney Kimberly Boss said Wednesday. “Justice will not be idle when it strikes a peaceful transfer of power,” he added.

To explain the seriousness of the case, Long before the January 6 events, Jacob Chansley recalled posting “harsh messages” on social media against “corrupt politicians and traitors.”

“If the defendant had been quiet, he would not be here today,” he said. “The crowd besieging Capitol with the intention of disrupting the activities of the Members of Parliament is not peaceful, it imposes a criminal ban”He explained.

Spoke at length with the judge. Jacob Chansley said, “He’s not a dangerous criminal,” but he suffers from “personality disorders” and wants to be cured in order to become a “better man.”

“I’m not a violent man, I’m not a rebel, I’m definitely not a terrorist. I’m a good man who broke the law.He explained that he believes in “freedom, law and order and responsibility”.

Jacob Chansley photographs in prison (Photo: Reuters)
Jacob Chansley photographs in prison (Photo: Reuters)

Imprisoned in solitary confinement, Chansley looked in the mirror and said he had time to say, “Friend, you’re really ugly.” Prior to the trial, his lawyer, Albert Watkins, had said that Chansley had rejected the QAnon movement. “Disappointed” by Donald Trump.

A total of 664 people have been charged in various sections for their involvement in the deadly attack on the Capitol.According to the George Washington University Terrorism Research Program.

Five people were killed during the attack Or shortly after, a police officer and an officer inside the building were killed by an officer.

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