April 1, 2023

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The real reason the Pope didn’t come to Argentina

Ten years after being elected Pope Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina This question resonates more and more strongly among his comrades, at this point, beyond the borders of his homeland: Will Francisco come to Argentina? Or will he become the first non-Italian pope not to visit his homeland?

Didn’t John Paul II go to Poland?He did it many times– And Benedict XVI to Germany? If not, is this a crime against Argentina? How will his absence figure in his country’s history? anyway, What’s the real reason you haven’t gotten this far?

Expository essay required Explore your personality, the reality of the Church in Argentina and, above all, the situation in the country. But mix it up with random complications.

For now, Francis He did not want to show affection for his motherland. He was concerned to make it clear that he was the pope of the world. In fact, unlike the accused John Paul II, he did not invite any Argentines, or in general, comrades, for positions in the Vatican. “The Roman Curia must be filled with Poles”.

In other words: He’s not going to rush back to his country.

Why did John Paul II and Ratzinger travel?

Beyond the personalities of each, it is true that seven months after his election, John Paul II visited Poland. A completely different political situation to Argentina.

His land was under a dictatorship in the orbit of the Soviet Empire, and he was later known to have played a key role in the disintegration of the Soviet Union. For many observers, his first visit marked the beginning of the end of his reign in his homeland.

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Benedict XVI He had previously traveled to his country: Four months after selection. That was long before Germany was chosen as the new headquarters New edition of World Youth Day The Church holds it every three years.

Es Inevitable appointment to the papacy. Francis’ first international trip was to Rio de Janeiro four months after his election, precisely to participate in another edition of that great gathering.

Of course, since Francis did not visit his country at the beginning of his pontificate, things They started out in trouble here. The authorities of the Argentine Church – although looking forward to his arrival – did not show enough leadership to start preparing themselves spiritually for the entire organization, that is, the clergy and the faithful.

Let’s not forget that the Pope is a religious leader who first goes to each country to confirm the faith of Catholics and spread the Gospel.

But, undoubtedly, the major stumbling block – from the Vatican’s point of view – was that his image began to exist. Political controversy in his country.

Christina’s visit

It all started with then-President Christina Kirchner’s first visit to the Vatican. Photo: ANSA

It began with the first visit by then-President Christina Kirchner: on that occasion, she said she believed in “something else” and apologized after her husband considered her. “Spiritual Leader of the Opposition” Promoted his legal case for alleged complicity in the dictatorship.

In that meeting, She asked him for help. After a while, Francisco, fearing that he would resign or be forced to do so, as happened with de la Rua, let out the famous phrase: “You must help Cristina.”

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Francis started To be seen as a Peronist, and more precisely, a Kirchnerist Therefore, Maurizio Macri contributed because he thought it would bring him electoral gains, to be placed on one side of the rift created by the Kirchners.

received later Obvious kirchneristas -Yet many have repeated pro- and the A stern gesture Along with then-President Mauricio Macri, he sparked controversy.

The gesture, along with then-President Mauricio Macri, sparked controversy.  Photo: AFP
The gesture, along with then-President Mauricio Macri, sparked controversy. Photo: AFP

After Cristina excluded him from the official delegation, it didn’t matter that he worried about Macri being in the first row on his inauguration day. Or he told Macri that two of his key collaborators had campaigned against him.

The relationship with Christina did not end well. Francis thought The link used the wrong politics, among other things. With Alberto Fernández in the presidency, the relationship began well. He helped him renegotiate a loan with the IMF, but that link also suffered – and seriously – because he used the link politically, which he continued to crack and Caused abortion At the worst moment of the epidemic.

The truth is, Francisco was open to criticism. The Vatican Secretariat of State – one of the best information systems in the world – He began to advise against the journey.

Francisco and Alberto Fernandez in a private audience in 2020.  Photo: ANSA
Francisco and Alberto Fernandez in a private audience in 2020. Photo: ANSA

He considered everything he said or did around these areas would be controversial. Instead of contributing to the unity of Argentina – the great desire of the Pope and the revival of the Church – it will deepen the division.

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In the recently published book “El Paso”, Francisco says he was close to moving to Argentina in November 2017 Repeating the visit of John Paul II in 1987, viz. Includes Uruguay and Chile.

However, he pointed out that the tour was complicated by the elections in Chile. A visit to Chile was organized in January -and Peru was included-, but his country and Uruguay were left out because many people are on vacation that month.

Mass in Buenos Aires Cathedral for 10 years of papacy.  Maxi phyla
Mass in Buenos Aires Cathedral for 10 years of papacy. Maxi phyla

After mentioning that Lived in Argentina for 76 years Now as Pope he travels to other countries and confirms that he does not feel far from his land, as he affirms: “It’s unfair to say I don’t want to go to Argentina.” And “the purpose of the trip is valid.” Another thing, of course, is that it finally works.

Those close by say it remains to be seen what happens in Argentina after the election. If the voltage level decreases. And, of course, with how Francisco’s health is developing, he’s fine today, recovering from the knee. For now, the puzzle continues.


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