June 7, 2023

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The New $100 Bill: How to Spot It and Avoid Scams | The current design has two modifications

The Reserve Federal (Central Bank) of AmericaLast week it raised its interest rate for the ninth time since 2018 New design of 100 dollar note With a view to discourage counterfeiting and counterfeiting of its currency. were added New security features And there were others.

Especially, there Two changes They were attached to the ticket. First, A Blue Safety Bar in Three Dimensions (3D)It is located on the front page and when you tilt the paper you can see 100 images of beads and numbers inside.

Second, meanwhile, A The bell in the inkwell It changes from copper to green as the bill moves.

It should be noted that with the changes introduced by the Central Bank. There is no need to exchange old design banknotes for new ones.

How to know if a $100 bill is fake or not?

These are all security measures to prevent fraud and counterfeiting of $100 bills.

  • Watermark: Benjamin Franklin’s faint figure is visible in the empty space to the right of his portrait as the bill comes to light. The image is visible on both sides of the paper.

  • Security thread: If, when held up to light, the embedded security thread that appears vertically to the left of the image does not appear, the banknote is fake. The thread should appear alternately with the initials USA and the number 100 and appear bright pink under UV light.

  • Number 100: The number 100 appearing in the lower right corner of the obverse should change from copper to green with the movement of the bill.

  • Micro printing: The note has several microprints which need to be viewed. The first is “United States of America” ​​on the neck of Franklin’s jacket; But around the white space where the USA initials and watermark appear is the number 100, “ONE HUNDRED USA” in golden pen, and the smaller numbers 100 on the edges of the bill.

  • Relief printing: Running your finger up and down Franklin’s shoulder on the left side of the bill is hard to the touch.

What is happening to the “small face” of dollar bills?

US Govt issued a statement to clarify that “small face” dollars 100 dollar bill It was printed until 1996 and contains the image Benjamin Franklin On a smaller scale than current designs, Same validity as those with “big faces”.

“There is no need to replace the old design banknotes. All #US currency remains legal tender regardless of when it was issued“, they explained from the official US government account to inform the public about the US currency.

They made it clear that this was US government policy All Federal Reserve note designs are legal tender or legally valid for payment, regardless of when they were issued.”, And “this policy includes all Federal Reserve notes from 1914 to the present”.

In this sense, they clarified.In the United States, there is no federal law that requires a private business, person, or organization to accept currency or coins as payment for goods or services.”.

In the country, in the informal exchange market, this note is paid a low percentage and is not accepted, which is related to the fact. They are fake.

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