February 4, 2023

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The march against the policies of Naib Boukel began in El Salvador

In San Salvador, El Salvador, the president holds a sign that reads “No more debt” on October 17, 2021 during the new struggle against President Naib Phuel. (AB Photo / Salvador Melandus)

Hundreds of Salvadorans took to the streets of the Salvadoran capital on Sunday in a new protest against the government of President Naib Boukel. And their rejection of what they consider to be a lack of respect for the separation of powers in the Central American nation.

This is the second fight against the Buckell administration, Took office on June 1, 2019 for a five-year term. The march was attended by feminist groups, university students, environmental activists, trade unions, human rights defenders, war veterans, LGDPI activists, leaders of civil society organizations and members of opposition political parties.

Various groups gathered in the park Cascatlon, They marched carrying two posters in which they rejected Bukel and his economic policies, including the implementation of Bitcoin as a legal treaty.

“Bukele is destroying democracy in our country, he is pushing the people of Salvador into poverty … we are marching against anti-people activities.” Of the government, he said Eugenio women, Was elected Vice President of the Farabundo Marty Front (FMLN) Central American Parliament of the Left for National Liberation.

Salvador, El Salvador, marched through the streets of Salvador on Sunday, October 17, 2021 against President Naib Bougain and his policies.
El Salvador, El Salvador, marched through the streets on Sunday, October 17, 2021, against Salvadoran President Naib Boukel and his policies. (AB Photo / Salvador Melandus)

Some of the protesters shouted “Buckell Dictator”; Others asked what the path was. And they responded “Take the dictator out.”

On your Twitter account, Bukele posted videos in which he observed how some protesters were attacking a person who had insulted them for what they were doing. “I can never understand why protesters hate the people they claim to protect,” the president wrote.

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He denounced that “in the midst of an epidemic, they carry elderly people who do not even know the purpose of the walk.” Why do they hate our people? It is good that their march failed, maybe they will change and stop treating our most humble people, ”he added.

Bukele tried to make fun of his opponents Prior to the accusations that he was a dictatorial leader, he recently called himself the “best dictator in the world” on his Twitter account. According to a recent poll by Jose Siemens University of Kansas (UCA) and the La Princa Graphica newspaper – criticizing the government – Fugal still enjoys the support of the majority of Salvadorans.

Protesters demanded the reappointment of Supreme Court judges and the attorney general, who were fired on May 1.. They demanded that government-sponsored constitutional reforms should not be approved, that presidential re-election should not be approved, and that amendments to the Judicial Life Act would make it easier to replace the Supreme Court. Dismissal of judges or judges.

Many of the protesters wore white or black shirts “Not for Bitcoin”, They also demanded that the law enforcing the use of cryptocurrency be repealed.

San Salvador, El Salvador On Sunday, October 17, 2021, during a protest against the government, a portrait of President Naib Boukel was set on fire by protesters.  (AP Photo / Salvador Melandus
San Salvador, El Salvador On Sunday, October 17, 2021, a portrait of President Naib Bukele was set on fire by protesters during a protest against the government. (AP Photo / Salvador Melandus

On September 7, El Salvador was the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender cryptocurrency that could be used in any transaction. All businesses, except those without the technology to do so, have to pay in that digital currency.

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No major incidents were reported as motorists caused tension while crossing the march lane In the central square of the capital, a man dressed in military uniforms burned tires and a toy with N from President Buckell’s new idea party.

Combined units of the police and the armed forces set up checkpoints in various parts of the country And at the entrances to the capital of Salvador, they meticulously searched buses as security measures.

The National Civil Police said on its Twitter account that “a series of dangerous objects and ammunition were seized from protesters who were reportedly heading towards the capital this morning.”

However, Some Twitter users promised it was a “montage”.

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