January 27, 2023

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“The man is out of circulation”: President Duke speaks of El Pisa’s death

El Pisa by President Evan Duke and Hernan Tario Velasquez – Photos: Colfrenza.

In the middle of the press conference, President of Colombia, Ivan Duque Then made a brief statement Suspicions over the death of Hernான்n Tario Hernண்டndez of El Pisa, The leader of ‘Segunda Marquetalia’ and a former member of the extinct FARC, he was killed in the state, local newspapers reported. Apure, Venezuela Last weekend.

“He is reported to be out of circulation”, The first president from the House of Narino announced more details about how the person responsible for the 2003 attack on the El Nogal Club was neutralized, but he expressed his frustration. “It serves Colombia.”

According to the public opinion known from intelligence sources, The culprit is said to have been released amid clashes with guns and ammunition during the ambush. It was planned by other opponents of the peace treaty and by armed men to rejoin the war. On the other hand, there are hypotheses that El Pisa’s death was the responsibility of Gentle Duarte, another of the most wanted criminals in the country.

Ivan Duque’s announcement, for now, This is the only officially known information. Since neither Nicolas Maduro’s military nor government in Venezuela has provided details, the question remains as to whether El Pisa actually died.

It should be noted that the Colombian government and police forces announced a reward of over $ 750,000 for information about Velasquez.

Thirty-six people have been killed and more than 200 injured in the El Nogal blast, according to the indictment of one of the leaders of the FARC dissidents; However, for many years Paisa has already been committing many crimes in the country.

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Offender Remedios, of Antioch; Pablo Escobar grew up in Medellin when he started the most violent drug trafficking group in Colombia.. His crime began in the same group: Drug trafficking, arms smuggling, urban guerrilla tactics, and Who came to work as a hit man.

With this launch, according to the Insight Crime Thinking Group, When he turned 19, known as El Paisa, there were already several arrest warrants against him. As officers monitored him, he thought the offender should seek outside protection from Medellin Kardali It was at that moment that he formed an alliance with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc).

Upon learning of El Pisa’s death, the same company issued a statement: “The Xpark cells are deeply rooted in the gold mines of the Amazonas and the border state of Apur, and seem to be moving east to states such as Bolivar. Some of these groups have close ties to the Venezuelan government. ., Represents the latest report from the Insight Crime Organization’s Investigation Division.

It should be noted that in 1993, El Pisa was already one of Fark’s most important leaders. In that year Placed under the command of the mobile column Teófilo Forero, It was created just then. Victor Suarez, then the late commander of the Eastern Camp, Mono Jojoy, saw his “capabilities for terrorism” and decided to hand him over to increase the military capability of the saboteurs.

At this point, the so-called El Paisa, who was already one of the most feared guerrillas in the country, had mentioned more crimes in his medical record. It highlights Taking Miraflores In 1998 and the The assassination of liberal politician Diego Durbe Cotein And his family in 2000. Also, in 2002 he himself He said he had buried peace talks Nominated by former President Andrs Pastrana.

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Payment of “vaccinations” and “vehicle commissions” between rural properties; El Paisa has raised up to 2,000 million pesos, now equivalent to USD $ 504,261.

These measures confirmed to the authorities the great influence that El Paisa had over Farc, and therefore, for 2013, The Jupiter Task Force was created solely to combat the National Army subdivision Theophilus Fororo.. The aim was to stop or at least limit the criminal activity of Velasquez, who had gained much power after the deaths of Guillermo Leon Sans, also known as Mono Jojoy and Alfonso Cano.

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