June 7, 2023

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The Libertad Foundation brought together Macri, Lauretta and Bulrich: Meyer’s twists and turns, so it never left the picture.

After passing through Maurizio Macri, Bro got a photo of his unit This Monday night, at dinner Independence FoundationCelebrating its 35th anniversary at the GoldenCenter Convention Center. Before more than 1,000 people filling the room, Macri shared center table with his wife, Julia Avadato his right Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and to his left Patricia Bullrich. Former Presidents S completed this privileged positionebastian Piñera (Chile), Felipe Calderon (Mexico) and Jorge Quiroga (Bolivia); Vice President of Uruguay, Beatrice Archimonand President of the Libertad Foundation, Gerard Bongiovanni.

Loretta, Avada and Macri at the Goldencenter entranceHernan Capiello – Nation

At 8:00 p.m., Bulrich was the first to arrive in the hall and greeted the press generously. Asked about his differences with Lauretta in the face of PASO, he declared that Argentina needed “courage” to come..

Ten minutes later Loretta arrived. In a cordoned-off VIP area, they greeted each other with a kiss with Bulrich. Former deputy and current Buenos Aires official Waldo Wolfwho worked for Bro’s boss and today moves in with Loretta, was his closest witness A brief meeting between Pro’s rivals.

President of the Libertad Foundation, Gerardo Bongiovanni, with Juliana Avada and Maurizio MacriRodrigo Nesbolo – Nation

Macri arrived at 8:30, just as the cocktails were ending. Everyone gathered around him and Lauretta, who had been talking to the Mexican Calderon, came close to hold out her hand.

But still The photo between the two was not a result of chance. The Buenos Aires head of government had informed the organizers that he would only go through cocktails and would leave early to attend the Chippeque party and from there to the LN+ studios, where he would be interviewed by Carlos Bagni. However, like Bullrich, when he learns of Macri’s plans to stay entirely for dinner, he changes his agenda and decides to extend his stay with the Liberals by going first to Sibec. He hurriedly left within a few minutes of starting dinner..

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The twist paid off as his photo with Macri did not leave the chair free for the former president to pose alone with Fulrich.

Maurizio Macri, Juliana Avata and Patricia Bulrich at the Fundación Libertad BanquetRodrigo Nesbolo

The dinner brought together all vernacular liberals. Actually, sub Jose Luis Espart Brough, who has been coming to the event for more than 10 years, has shown some radical presence and widespread attendance by some Peronists as a novelty.

The Libertad Foundation became a reference point for local liberalism and a center of power for center-right leaders in the region. truly, Alejandro BongiovanniThe Foundation’s Director of Public Policy while welcoming the guests said, Ironically he slipped that they had come to the perfect dinnerCippec mentions simultaneous occurrence.

Freedom Foundation DinnerRodrigo Nesbolo

Almost all of Macri’s cabinet came to the party. among others, Nicolas Dujovene, George Fari, Gabriela Michetti, German Karavano, Francisco Cabrera, Carlos Melkonian. William MontenegroThe mayor of Mar del Plata filed a complaint against an NGO after Commodoro was out of pocket. Juan Grapois for occupying land in El Marquesado.

He stood out among the terrorists Ernest Chance, this time opting for the Liberals instead of Cipek. Among the Peronists, Miguel Pichetto.

Freedom Foundation DinnerRodrigo Nesbolo

Also added event start Another impact photo. After Macri arrived at the Goldencenter and greeted Lauretta and Calderon, the former president went to the lounge on the first floor. There he again joined hands with the mayor of Buenos Aires, but his cousin and current minister of city government, George MacriThe one who seeks to be anointed as the sole candidate of Prof. All three left another postcard for politics.

Freedom Foundation DinnerHernan Capiello – Nation

Already at the central table, Lauretta looked uncomfortable: she would get up, greet someone, and sit down again. Macri, on the other hand, is bombastic, chatty with elaborate gestures. He got up to approach the table where the image of Myrta Legrand And take a picture with the diva.

Freedom Foundation DinnerRodrigo Nesbolo

At the main table, with all the former presidents already installed, an empty chair remained for long minutes. was for Bulrich was the one who wished to the end. Once the former minister arrived and the three pro-leaders congratulated each other again, the dinner was able to start with a speech recorded by Isabel Díaz Ayuzo, president of the Madrid community from Spain.

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In the center panel, which he shares with former presidents, Macri took the stage after 11 p.m. He said the country is being ruled “A Demolition Army”But warned: “We are at dawn: we have very difficult months ahead, but we must maintain unity and strength to overcome these coming months.”.

Carolina Lozada and Luis Nidenoff at the Fundación Libertad partyRodrigo Nesbolo

As in his last presentations, Magri thought back to the example of the Argentine soccer team. “A new era is dawning. What happened in Qatar was no coincidence: a team won there. Let’s all work together to help the next president turn history aroundHe promised.

Nicolás Massot, Rogelio Frigerio and Emilio Monzó at the Fundación Libertad partyRodrigo Nesbolo
Christian Ritondo at the Libertad Foundation BanquetRodrigo Nesbolo
Diego Santilli and Analia Maiorana at the Fundación Libertad partyRodrigo Nesbolo
Joaquin de la Torre and Javier Iguazelle at the Libertad Foundation BanquetRodrigo Nesbolo – Nation
José Luis Esperte, Libertad Foundation DinnerRodrigo Nesbolo – Nation
Néstor Grindetti and Gabriela Michetti at the Fundación Libertad partyRodrigo Nesbolo – Nation
Patricia Bullich, Ricardo Lopez Murphy and Fernando Iglesias at the Freedom Foundation’s BanquetRodrigo Nesbolo – Nation
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