January 27, 2023

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The largest snake in history, the Titanopova, was discovered in Colombia

Reference image. Boa constrictor, a distant relative of Titanopova, is the largest snake in history. Photo: Pixabay

With up 15 meters long And approximate weight 1.2 tons, தி Titanopova serizonensis Recognized for being The largest snake species recorded to date. Its fossil remains were discovered in Colombia a few years ago, more precisely Serijan Coal Mine, In the field La Quajira.

In an article National Geography In the recently published Spanish language, it was explained that the previously lived model was said 60 million years In the rivers and swamps of the country. For its size product, it was efficient Swallowing crocodiles in one bite, without a lump And his physical appearance was similar to that of Boa today Controller.

“In the middle of a coal deposit, a team of archaeologists found evidence of fossil vegetation at the site. 2002, About 58 million years ago was the first indication of serotonin Jungle It rains twice a year more than the Amazon rainforest A repressive humidity and animals and plants are twice as large as they are known today“Said the portal.

In the carbon mine, one of the largest open pits in the world, archaeologists Smithsonian Institution of Tropical Research The remains were also found Giant turtles and crocodiles, Next to some old plants. This made it possible to identify changes in the country’s climate. The now arid region was a tropical humid forest millions of years ago This species lived with intermittent fluctuating temperatures 30 and 34 degrees Celsius To survive.

As a result of specific findings, in 2007 Searches were accelerated, and all traces were shown for the first time Florida Museum of Natural Sciences, In Gainesville. First, when looking at the bones excavated from the Cerrejón mine, experts noticed that the size of the specimen was not normal. Skeleton of anaconda, Which, in the best cases, does not exceed Five meters long.

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Identified as a distant relative of Boaz, its prey was not poisoned, but, using their size, He suffocated them with a compressive force of more than 180 kilograms per square inch. Heavier than Brooklyn Bridge, In New York. A few years later, and thanks for the fact Vertebrae, ribs and skulls Several copies, an exact reconstruction made.

Titanopova's reconstructed model on display at Grand Central in New York
Titanopova’s reconstructed model on display at Grand Central in New York

Discovery of a mastoid tank north of Santander:

Township Agalinda, Located half an hour from the capital North of Santander, Cúcuta, is characterized by its great archaeological significance. There you will find one Archaeological and Ancient Museum, And this industry was recognized with impressive innovation The fangs of a mastodon Of the Quaternary era, last September.

The Aguilinda Cultural Secretary The reason for the invention Camilo Andres Rodriguez12-year-old boy, with his grandfather, Gonzalo Rowa, Was watching one of his sheep. According to officials, the fossil contained a Length 1.86 meters And it is already in the Population Museum.

Mr.  Gonzalo Roa and his grandson Camilo Andres Rodriguez.  Agalinda Mayor's Office.
Mr. Gonzalo Roa and his grandson Camilo Andres Rodriguez. Agalinda Mayor’s Office.

“We saw it a long time ago and at that time we informed the chairman of the Board of Social Action who was undergoing a surgery. The child told me: We go and take it out, but we do not dare because we do not know how to remove it. Finally a group of neighbors came to pick him up until this Sunday ”, Roa pointed out at the time in the newspaper Comment.

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