April 1, 2023

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The International Olympic Committee accused Ukraine of being a “war promoter” with Russia

France Y Australia woke up Manufacture and delivery of projectiles From 155 mm for artillery Ukraine. Defense Ministers of France and Australia, Sebastien Lecornu Y Richard Marlesrespectively, declared their support for the country that invaded today.

“Several thousand 155 mm shells will be produced jointly”, announced Lecornu, after meeting Marles in Paris who valued this “new cooperation between the defense industries” of the two “multi-million Australian dollars”. The first deliveries are expected in the first quarter of 2023, AFP news agency reported.

According to the head of the Russian occupation, His troops were able to advance in the Vugledar regionA city in the area Donetsk, in eastern Ukraine and the epicenter of the fighting. however, Ukraine denies this and assures that the enemy attacks were “failed”.

“Our units have established positions on the eastern side of Wukladar and operations are underway in the immediate vicinity,” he said. Denis Pushilin was appointed by the Kremlin to head the Donetsk region, Russian news agencies noted. In turn, he indicated that Ukrainian forces may have had time to gain a foothold in the area and could counter it.

Denis Bushilin, head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

Instead, a spokesman for the Ukrainian military in charge of the area said, Evgen YerinHe asserted that Russian troops had not advanced as Moscow claimed and that offensives in the area had failed.

“The enemy has failed and retreated. We have not lost our positions,” he said.Pointing to Yerin, he attributed the achievement Western aid They surrendered “guns and cannons.”

Russian bombs killed at least five people and wounded 13 others, Ukrainian officials said today. The attack took place in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city in the northeast of the country, according to the regional governor. By Sinyehubov.

Ukrainian rescuers approach to clear debris from a residential building after a missile attack in Kharkiv.
Ukrainian rescuers approach to clear debris from a residential building after a missile attack in Kharkiv. Sergey Popok – AFP

Meanwhile, Kiev and the Kremlin are still locked in a fierce battle Eastern Ukraine.

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The Ukrainian president on Monday raised the tone against the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and accused it of “War monger”To explore the possibility of Russian athletes participating in the 2024 Paris Games under a neutral flag.

The IOC promotes war, killing and destruction. “The IOC is happy to watch Russia destroy Ukraine and then give Russia a platform to promote the genocide of Ukrainians,” presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak began on Twitter, personally addressing German Thomas Bach, the committee’s president.

Clearly, money buys Olympic hypocrisy It is not saturated with the smell of Ukrainian blood. Isn’t that right, Mr Bach?” he wrote.

NATO military chief Rob Bauer said the military alliance “Ready” for direct conflict with Russia In the context of the war in Ukraine.

Belgian troops patrol NATO headquarters in Brussels
Belgian troops patrol NATO headquarters in BrusselsReuters

Admiral Bauer of the Royal Netherlands Navy told Portuguese TV channel RTP. NATO focuses on rearmament. He emphasized that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategic goals may extend beyond Ukraine to neighboring countries.

“The official who defends the ‘war economy in peacetime’ said it was important for NATO countries to direct civilian industrial production towards military objectives,” he was quoted as saying. Newsweek.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan described his relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the two countries in general as sincere and based on trust, the agency said. Toss

Erdogan maintains good relations with Putin.
Erdogan maintains good relations with Putin.Handbook – Turkish Presidential Press Service

We have respect and trust in our relations with Russia. And Mr. My relations with Putin are based on honesty. All our requests about Tatarstan, Dagestan and these regions are being answered,” he said at a meeting with youth on Sunday, which was broadcast on the DRT channel.

According to the Turkish President, “There were several threats” from other countries regarding the purchase of the systems. [rusos] S-400″ “But we bought the S-400. Now we have them,” he said.

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and at the same time, Aimed at America, and mentions the delivery of F-16 and F-35 fighter jets. They promised F-jets, but they broke their word. We paid about USD 1.4 billion but you didn’t give it to us. If they don’t, there will be a price for it”, he emphasized.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Described in a documentary BBC The Russian president said Vladimir Putin “threatened him in a certain way” before the invasion of Ukraine “A missile takes a minute.”

Johnson reappeared – after leaving office in September – to give details of his conversations with Putin in a special on the British channel examining the Russian leader’s conversations with Western leaders in the context of the war in Ukraine.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  (Peter Nicholls/Pool via AP)
Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Peter Nicholls/Pool via AP)

The first episode of the three-part documentary airs this Monday night BBC TwoThe former head of the British government described his “very long” and “extraordinary”. Telephone conversation with the President of Russia After his visit to Kyiv in early February last year.

At the time, Vladimir Putin said he had no intention of invading his Ukrainian neighbor, despite massive Russian military incursions into border areas.

Boris Johnson has warned that Westerners will face severe penalties if they do so. Johnson said Putin told him: “Boris, you say that Ukraine will not join NATO so soon. “What do you mean ‘so soon’?”

“Well, you know very well that you are not going to join NATO in the near future,” replied the former British leader, who had supported Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration from the start.

“At one point, he threatened me in a certain way: Boris, I don’t want to hurt him, but with a missile, it takes a minute or so.Boris Johnson added.

According to Johnson, Putin threatened him with a missile strike.
According to Johnson, Putin threatened him with a missile strike.Mikhail Klimentiev – Pool Sputnik Kremlin

“Given his relaxed tone and seeming nonchalance, I don’t think he took into account my attempts to get him to talk,” the former British leader said. Johnson left office in September amid scandals.

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In the documentary, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, He tells how he was upset by the attitude of Westerners then. “If you know Russia is going to invade Ukraine tomorrow, why don’t you give me what’s needed today to stop it?” If you can’t, stop yourself,” he said.

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberghe asked South Korea “Increased” and demanded military aid to Ukraine The policy of not exporting arms to countries in conflict should be reconsidered.

Stoltenberg is in Seoul as part of the first stop on his Asian tour that will take him to Japan, which aims to strengthen ties with the region’s democratic allies amid the Ukraine conflict and growing competition from China. He held a meeting with top South Korean officials on Sunday and on Monday urged Seoul to provide more assistance to Kyiv. He argued that there is aUrgent need for more ammunition”.

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Europa Press
Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Europa Press

He pointed out that countries like Germany or Norway“Long-standing principles of non-export of arms to countries in conflict”, They have revised that scale After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year.

“If we believe in freedom and democracy and don’t want autocracies and dictatorships to prevail, we need weapons,” he said from the Se Institute in Seoul.

South Korea plays a major role in arms exports to the world And it has recently signed deals to sell hundreds of tanks to European countries, including NATO member Poland. However, South Korean law prohibits the export of arms to active countries, making it difficult for Seoul to deliver arms directly to Kyiv. Provides non-lethal and humanitarian aid.

Appointed Ministry of Defense of Ukraine 105 Spy Drones Vector to the German company Quantum-Systems GmbH. As per company notification, supply will be available Funded by the German GovernmentUkrainian company reported UKrinform.

“Quantum-Systems GmbH announces a request for an additional 105 long-range reconnaissance drones of the Vector type for support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, funded by the German government,” the company said. Kyiv had already ordered 33 units in August.


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