April 1, 2023

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The IMF, the international confidence shock and the set of laws: Who’s at the diplomatic table advising Lauretta on foreign policy

Rodríguez Larreta formulates a foreign policy plan with a group of internationalists and diplomats (REUTERS).

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta Received every week Papers and recommendations on issues Foreign policy. Although he focused heavily on his presidential campaign, he did not ignore global issues. Like his chief economists, he works Board of Messengers It shapes Lauretismo’s international program. That desk is also looking for exteriors Approvals As presidential candidate for mayor of Buenos Aires. If their plan of power is imposed in the elections, it is theirs from that group Principal And its main messengers.

The Diplomacy Diplomacy Index Lauretista is a wing of the Yellow Party’s Foreign Policy Commission. In the WhatsApp group “PRO Internationals” They coordinate information exchange, surveys and meetings. Internationalists from Rodríguez Lauretta’s kidney participate there, although there are also those associated with diplomats. Maurizio Macri Already Patricia BullrichThe other presidential candidate of the party – for whom the nomination Mary Eugenia Vidal-.

Coordinating person of the Commission of Referees on Foreign Policy of the PRO Fulvius Pompeius, former Secretary of State for Strategic Affairs. He is a leading internationalist Macri. Another great person from that place Diego GulerHe was Ambassador to Beijing between 2015 and 2019.

Mauricio Macri, Jorge Fari and Fulvio Pompeo during former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Argentina.

Unlike economics or politics, PRO leaders a High consensus each other on matters of foreign policy, international trade, defense and international cooperation. However, each has their team and their candidates Palace of San Martin.

in the team Louder Criteria of foreign policy Frederick Pinedowho appears to be A potential principal If former Defense Minister comes to Govt. They also frequent that table Mariano CassinoFormer Ambassador to Israel; Carlos SersaleFormer Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Political Scientist Alberto ForicY Adriana Laforgia, a former collaborator of Bulrich’s. The former vice chancellor is also cooperating Cornelia Schmidt Learman. Some of these specialists are often consulted for lauretism.

Foreign Policy Note to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Fernando Straface, Mayor of Buenos Aires.

Rodríguez Larreta’s team of international policy advisors is coordinated Fernando Straface, Secretary General and International Relations of the Government of Buenos Aires. This is one of the men More confidence At the table of the Lauretista Presidential Project. Dealing with Straface External agenda and liaison between city mayors and embassies.

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He joined the board last year Martin Retrodo. Economist joined the Buenos Aires Cabinet as Secretary of Strategic Affairs, R.International Economic Relations. The former Fed chair is working with Straface on a series of foreign trade projects within the framework of Lauretta’s presidential plan.

Who Enrolled in the Uspallata E-Plan? George Fourie, former foreign minister during Mauricio Macri’s presidency. Diplomat brings his agenda and perspective on issues like geopolitics, security and so on strategy Exterior facade. On the domestic level, Fari Rodriguez is working on Lauretta’s project thought Being National Vice by his province of Santa Fe. Want to achieve To coordinate the Foreign Relations Commission of the lower house. Straface and Redrado support him and accompany him in the provincial construction.

The three names are Retroto, Straface and Fari the sound To be in front Ministry of Foreign Affairs If Buenos Aires wins the mayoral election and Balcars reaches 50.

Martin Redrado is CABA’s Secretary of Strategic Affairs and advises Lauretta on international economic relations

Remaining team members Ricardo LagorioFormer Ambassador to Russia Marisa Bircher, Oris de RoaFormer Secretary of Foreign Trade; Eugenio BursacoFormer Secretary of Defense; Marcelo ScaglioneFormer Under-Secretary for OECD Membership; Taste of EzekielFormer Ambassador to Mexico; Francisco ResnikoffCABA’s Undersecretary for International Relations; Julian ObiglioNational Vice; Gladys GonzalezNational Senator; Shungo RojasFormer Deputy Secretary of Foreign Trade; Fabian BerechotnikVice President of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies; Patrick Carmody, internationalist; And Bruno PinettiResearcher in International Relations.

The Larretista diplomatic table maintains the need to create as its main pillar “International Confidence Shock”. This was a concept developed by Straface and replicated by his colleagues. This implies that if Lauretta becomes president, she is promising a promotion Immediately And Legal Collection It allows to create a “Changing Expectations” And a favorable situation for the country’s position international organization.

However, Lauretta believes that Argentina should “Take its outer position” And, as he knows how to pose Carlos Escut, understands that the country must interact with the hegemon from that point. An important aspect of this is the reading that Lauretista consultants do about world order.

The head of government’s diplomatic desk knows what this means “Thucydides Trap” And don’t ignore Strain That is the balance of power Controversy in the middle America Y China. For lauretism, posing is not the solution Equidistant But should apply in relation to both dominants Political pragmatism.

Former Foreign Minister Jorge Fari is one of the diplomats advising Lauretta on international politics (REUTERS / Adriano Machado)
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For Lauretta, the business relationship with China “Central”It does not indicate a link Geopolitics – To avoid disagreements with Department of State From DC. That is why the PRO rejects the implementation of a Chinese naval port in Tierra del Fuego, facing the Straits of Magellan and Antarctica.

In the same way, in Uspallata they say that Argentina “must protect”. Democracy And this Human rights” In the region: understood as a questioning of distance and status quo Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. They make the same trick Russia e Iran. It’s a stance that sends a signal to the White House.

For lauretism, connection with Washington DC. Not only on geopolitical grounds, but also because of debt negotiations International Monetary Fund (IMF). Among other factors, Argentina’s restoration of access to international credit is a pressing issue. America has a certain weight Board Creature from Bretton Woods.

Larretista Diplomatic Schedule The next government must “Promote a set of laws upon his inauguration to build international trust”. They argue that the next president should fly to Washington “Negotiate a new plan” with a financial institution. (It should be noted that the entire JxC bench in the delegation, with the exception of Ricardo López Murphy, voted in favor of the current contract, which was approved in March 2022). The mayor of Buenos Aires thinks that negotiating a new program with the IMF will make it possible to “order” macro variables, create “pro-growth” reforms, “tax burden” and “end” informality.

Late last year, Redrado got in touch Ilan GoldfjenChairman Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). Both discussed economic policy and the agreement with the IMF. BCRA’s ex-chairman with whom he maintains a relationship Rodrigo WaltzFormer Finance Minister of Chile Kristalina Georgieva Appointed as director in February Western Hemisphere Sector of the IMF.

Horacio Rodríguez Lauretta, US President Joe Biden’s climate envoy at a meeting with John Kerry in Washington.

Meanwhile, there was Loretta Guest For a seminar organized in Denver US Secretary of State End of April. He cannot go because he is in the middle of election campaign. Mayer considers sending Straface and Retrodo instead. His advisers’ trip is under negotiation.

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Within the framework of that visit, they are considering the possibility of visiting Houston to meet Energy sector leaders. Part of these conversations revolve around that Economic plan Lauretta’s place of work. More about Lithium Projects to finance pipeline construction and liquefaction plant This will allow the export of gas from the port of Bahia Blanca to Europe. Those are the talks some Larretismo advisers have already had with European businessmen.

Another issue that Rodríguez Larreta wants to promote European Union Treaty (EU) and Mercosur. The conflict unleashed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has created an energy and food crisis on the Old Continent and in other parts of the world.

Rodríguez Larreta is keen to accelerate the agreement between the EU and Mercosur

For Usballata ie A “Unique Opportunity” To finalize the agreement with the European Union. Due to the context, the Europeans are also particularly interested in signing it. In January, Strafes was in Paris and Brussels on behalf of the Mayor of Buenos Aires. He met with officials from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the OECD and the European Commission. A deal with the European Union is one of the issues on his agenda.

In regional matters, Rodríguez Larreta is betting Authority Mercosur and the relationship Brazil. As for international organizations, Rodríguez Lauretta hates it Brix and craves insist At the entrance to Argentina OECD. However, his advisers agree the process to be on the acceptance list and to meet the requirements for access – institutional and economic policy variables – should last at least. One presidential term.

Loretta has a look Implemented of the international organization. With the same mask, he promises to use his plan in foreign policy if he is to reach Palcars 50. A former Chinese leader used to say, “The color of the cat doesn’t matter, what matters is that it catches mice.” Ten Xiaoping. This is an adage that Lauretista counselors also know.

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