January 26, 2022

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The historic defeat of the Nicolas Maduro regime at Chavez’s stronghold of Parinas

Sergio Carrido, elected Governor of Parinas

Venezuela is the enemy Sergio Garrido won Sunday’s regional elections and ousted the government of Paris, the birthplace of Hugo Chavez, from the Nicolas Maduro regime., Repeated by order of the Supreme Court in response to the interests of the dictatorship and annulled the results of the November 21 elections, in which Chavez’s opposition had already won by a narrow margin.

“Dear Parinas, the information we receive from our Psuv structures indicates that we have not reached the goal. I heartily thank you for our heroic fighting spirit. We will continue to protect the people of Parinis from all sides. “Before the National Electoral Council (CNE) results were released, the regime’s candidate, George Areza, wrote on his Twitter account.

Hours later, With 55.36% of the vote in favor of Areza, compared to the 41.27% he received, the CNE clarified anything unknown by acknowledging Carito’s comfortable victory., The remaining votes were distributed by minority opponents.

With Chavez’s cradle government already ruled out, the regime’s communications minister, Freddie ez, explained that “the opposition will win in four of the 23 governorates in the country with Perinas,” while Chavismo 19 and Caracas have special status. .

George Areza, the official candidate for the interior of Perinas
George Areza, the official candidate for the interior of Perinas

Carito, the former foreign minister and Chavez’s ex – son – in – law, was ruled by direct relatives of the former Venezuelan president from 1998, 1999 to 2013., Transformed Parinas, which seemed untouchable until a month and a half ago, into a Fift, reaffirming its desire for change today.

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Already on November 21, opposition candidate Freddie Superlano won by a narrower margin than he did today – by less than 1% – the then official candidate, the late president’s brother, Argenis Chavez, seeking re-election. But, despite being disqualified, the Supreme Court charged that Savista appeared in the opposition match.

Following the re-election order, Superlano announced that his wife, Aurora Silva, would be the candidate, but the High Court also announced his disqualification, as well as the second-choice Julio Caesar Reyes – finally elected Carido. , Elected Councilor in Local Elections.

Freddie Superlano celebrating Carito's victory in Barinas
Freddie Superlano celebrating Carito’s victory in Barinas

Advance Celebration

At the campaign command of the anti-Savista camp in Barinas, they celebrated the expected victory from the end of the afternoon, which intensified after recognizing Areza’s defeat, the group said. Efe In place.

Opponents celebrated with the shouts of “Yes it is possible”, the national anthem and the sound of the state of Paris.

“We have made mistakes, we have experienced ups and downs but Parinas is an example to the world today of how we can recover, how we can stand up and be united.”, Superlano revealed at a press conference.

Sergio Garrido (c), the newly elected governor of Parinas, the birthplace of Hugo Chavez, shows the state flag during the celebration of his election victory.
Sergio Garrido (c), the newly elected governor of Parinas, the birthplace of Hugo Chavez, shows the state flag during the celebration of his election victory.

Carito, for his part, celebrated the victory of the “Barisan people” and the “democratic force, the Parinian opposition.”

“I would like to first of all thank the National Armed Forces for bringing peace and tranquility today, and for these organizations that have accomplished their mission institutionally. Institutionally, the same thing happened to CNE and the Regional Electoral Board. “Carido said.

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As the governor-elect celebrated his victory, the opposition campaign order was filled with followers who came to congratulate him on his victory, as well as dozens of citizens blowing horns from their vehicles.

Savista tried

In the weeks leading up to the re-election, Venezuelan government agencies focused on Perinas, sending refueled trucks, vehicles carrying precious goods and water that you could spend up to two days refueling in the region.

Hugo Chavez and his brother Adon
Hugo Chavez and his brother Adon

Similarly, the national leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, governors of other regions of the country, ministers and directors of organizations such as the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps came to the region.

However, this does not seem to be enough for Chavismo to maintain the state of Barinas, always remembered as the birthplace of the late President Hugo Chavez, who acknowledged for the second time in less than a month that he wanted a change.

(With information from EFE)

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