October 3, 2022

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The government is on track to sign a new agreement on maintenance prices

1,300 products will be reached, which could be released on Friday or the first day of next week.

Today 21:33

The government is on track to sign a new contract with traders for maintenance prices, Considering the end of the current price freeze that occurs this Friday.

The new basket will have about 1,300 basic necessities, similar to the one at the frozen price in October.

The big difference, however, is that they are unilaterally organized by the government. Although officials at the time insisted that most traders agreed with the move, there were controversies and official insults to the sector of the food companies that opposed it.

Now instead The Ministry of Internal Trade, headed by Roberto Felletti, wants to reach a negotiated settlement with the manufacturing sector.. To this end, official Martín Guzmán (economics), Miguel Pesce (central bank) and Matías Kulfas (product development) met with business leaders from the food and cleaning sector last Tuesday.

The final signing of the contract may take place this Friday or may be delayed until the first day of next week

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