January 27, 2023

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The global jihadist strategy behind the attack on Salman Rushdie | From the attack on Charlie Hebdo to the beheading of Professor Patty

From Paris

Saying something can lead to the death penalty in several ways: by fatwa, by being riddled with bullets As happened in the weekly Charlie Hebdo (2015) French history and geography teacher Samuel Baty (2020 outside Paris) or, like, beheaded in a square in France because he published cartoons of Muhammad. Author Salman Rushdie was seriously injured in New York. Each time, the crime against the Prophet Muhammad served as an excuse for international jihadism to commit more sickening murders. Samuel did nothing more than show some caricatures of Muhammad published by Patty Charlie Hebdo During a lesson on public education and freedom of expression. Patty told her students that those who did not want to participate in the course could leave the class. A student has reprimanded the teacher, prompting her parents to set up a virtual “fatwa” online against Samuel Bhatti. Abdullak Ansorov, an 18-year-old Russian refugee of Chechen origin, felt his mission had come: he waited for the professor in a square and beheaded him for showing cartoons. It was later discovered that the distraught student did not attend class that day and that the harassment of Samuel’s grandmother on social media was orchestrated by the girl’s father and a Muslim. The killer’s father, Abuyizid Ansorov, said his son had “repaid the debt of all Muslims”.

It’s not crazy

Imam Ruhollah Khomeini’s 1989 fatwa against writer Salman Rushdie was rooted in the same logic: A man who is completely alone, without any connection with militant organizations or circles, is slandered, slandered, persecuted by slanderous wolves to the end of the world.

Neither Professor Bhatti’s drama nor Salman Rushdie’s are accidents, local events, personal vendettas against blasphemy, acts perpetrated by madmen. It is nothing more than a blanket that covers and makes digestible under whose arguments the raison d’être of Jihadism defined by the Palestinians spreads. Abdullah Assam (1941-1989), one of its leading theorists. His most famous books, “The Defense of Muslim Territories” and “Jain the Caravan” are classics of Jihadist literature, whose principle states: “The function of Jihad is to break the barriers that prevent the spread of this religion.” Spread across the surface of the earth.

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In fatwas, the function of punishment or purification is always involved. Thirteen days later, the Tunisian grandmother was beheaded Brahim Al-Awissoui Two women and a man were stabbed to death in the Basilica of Our Lady of Nice. Another “revenge” against the “godless” of the West. Four years ago, on July 14, 2016, Tunisian Mohamed Lahouage-Bouhlel He drove the truck he was driving onto La Promenade des Anglais in Nice, where crowds of people were celebrating the French national holiday. Lahouaiej-Bouhlel is a mystery. He is not of the jihadist constellation and has no ties to al Qaeda or the Islamic State, but he killed 86 people.

Satan Rushdie, the best target

The official narrative differs slightly: jihadist campaigns are based on the same accusations against individuals or as an attack. Charlie Hebdo, has as its motives the means of expression which insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Salman Rushdie’s first work, set in the Middle East and unread, brought tens of thousands of people to the streets to demonstrate against him.

In 1990, in London, Rushdie signed a statement in which he apologized for offending Muslims with his novel. Satanic Verses. It didn’t work for him. The planetary hunt planned by jihadism already had its best intentions. Salman is already “Satan Rushdie”. Before the New York attack on Rushdie, the book cost the life of a Japanese translator Satanic Verses. Hitoshi Igarashi was assassinated in 1991 at the University of Tsukuba (north of Tokyo), where he taught comparative Islamic culture. In 1993, Rushdie’s Norwegian publisher was attacked.

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The author of “The Satanic Verses” received several sentences, many of them from progressive intellectuals accusing him of racism, insulting the forgotten, mistreated and marginalized people of history. Those massacres from another galaxy, in fact, when his regime, like all others, repressed the Iranian left, trade unionists, and human rights activists, thought Ayatollah Khomeini was speaking for them.

From fatwa to horror

After Rushdie’s fatwa, tragedy struck. Kare Bluetgen, a far-left Danish author and journalist who started telling the life of Muhammad in a children’s book to ease the multicultural and confessional tensions that plagued some neighborhoods in Copenhagen to facilitate dialogue and understanding between communities. If persecuting a man for his stories begins with Rushdie, then the second modern horror after the Al Qaeda attack on the Twin Towers (2001) begins with Bludgeon. No one wants to explain Blutgen’s book, even a journalist Danish daily Jyllands-Boston In 2005 it was decided to publish with cartoons. The imams of the jihadi cleric took advantage of this opportunity, even showing cartoons that were not in the original publications. Denmark knew what it had never seen before: demonstrations in front of its embassies, flag burning, cartoonists and journalists sentenced to death.

Jihadi rage later picked up the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. On January 7, 2015, at around 11:30 a.m., with assault rifles, Brothers Chérif and Saïd Kouachi entered the compound and killed 12 people (eight of them newsroom members). Take revenge on Prophet Muhammad. The Guachi brothers were killed two days later in a police raid in northern Paris. Both have acknowledged their links to the AQAP group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, which has officially claimed responsibility for the attack. Previously, in association with a Danish newspaper Jyllands-BostonIntimidation of journalists and cartoonists, Charlie Hebdo had published cartoons of Muhammad.

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There is no chance, no coincidence, no isolated gesture in these crimes: Salman Rushdie, Professor Samuel Bhatti or Charlie Hebdo are obvious pieces of a great planetary design. Salman Rushdie was originally commissioned to portray a long and bloody conflict that made him an icon, but his goals were different. We should not be fooled by the guilt and justifications so common within the European left: these attacks are not caused by colonialism, racism, or immigrant suburbs, or police brutality.

They conform to a plan thoroughly outlined by a cleric who finds their candidates in those areas of desperation, but cares little or nothing about the fate of those people they use for their ambitions.. Behind the powerful states of the Persian Gulf those clerics spend their holidays in the West, preferably on the French Riviera, between Monaco, Nice and Cannes. They live in the best waste and western sub-style on boats and magnificent mansions. The West sells them tens of billions of Euros a year in weapons. The current fatwa against Salman Rushdie is the first stone of this global strategy, largely rooted in Western creeper.

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