May 22, 2022

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The fourth wave of COVID is growing in Germany: a new record of cases and more than 200 deaths in a single day

Intensive care at a hospital in Dormstadt, Germany (Reuters)

With an adequate vaccination rate to cope with the fourth wave, Germany again recorded new high incidence and daily infections since the outbreak on Wednesday.

German health officials check 39,676 new infections, the third record in a week, 37,120 reported last Friday and 33,949 on Thursday, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute of Virology (RKI), which was updated yesterday morning.

With 33,777 new infections reported, the previous daily high was recorded on December 18, in the midst of a second wave of epidemics.

The The seven-day event marks its third consecutive record and has 232.1 new infections per 100,000 population., After 213.7 yesterday and 201.1 on Monday, was 146.6 a week ago.

The previous peak of events was recorded on December 22, amid a second wave of epidemics, with 197.6 new infections per 100,000 citizens.

Vaccination at the Berlin Shopping Center (Reuters)
Vaccination at the Berlin Shopping Center (Reuters)

The The death toll from Govt-19 has risen to 236 in the last 24 hours, Was 194 a week ago.

According to the latest daily RKI report, 1,105 corona virus hospitals were reported on Monday, with a total enrollment rate of 4.31 per 100,000 people in seven days. The maximum number of hospital admissions in the days around last Christmas was 15.5.

As of Monday, the number of Govit-19 patients in ucis was 2,616 – an increase of 84 in a single day – corresponding to this. Occupancy 11.8% of available beds In critical units for adults.

After strong progress between April and July, In the last three months, Germany’s vaccination rate has increased by only 7%. In the data according to the data of our world

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The vaccination rate is less than 70%

As of Monday, 69.7% of the German population had been vaccinated, and 67.2% with the full schedule.

Precisely on the fourth wave like this, the vaccine makes a difference. At least in the ICUs, we continue to experience infection of the unvaccinated, which again puts pressure on the system because the number of unvaccinated is so high.“Functional Health Minister Jens Spann warned today.

He added in an interview with the network’s morning show NTV, Every day it convinces a few thousand more citizens, but it can be seen. “It is becoming harder to reach those who have not yet been vaccinated”.

Rules "2G", Geimpft and Genesen (vaccinated and cured), in a restaurant (Reuters)
“2G”, Geimpft and Genesen (vaccinated and cured) standards at a restaurant (Reuters)

On the other hand, he pointed out that “with such cases, without vaccines”, Germany would already be in a very different situation, adding that even if vaccines allowed a certain default, it should be “with great caution”.

That too was pronounced In favor of the 2G rule -Geimpft and Genesen (vaccinated and cured) by German terms – indoors, at least in areas under hospital pressure.

He recalled that according to the RKI, 2G should be used when the admission rate to be added in seven days with covit patients is 5 per 100,000 people.

(With information from EFE)

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