January 27, 2023

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The European Parliament has suspended the Vice President who was arrested on corruption charges

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Among the revoked powers, they highlighted his role as chairman of the task force Innovation strategy for information and communication technologies or alternate Presidency for Multilateral OrganizationsSpecifically The United Nations and the World Trade Organization.

Before this announcement, Metzola already existed The European Parliament this Saturday pledged to “cooperate fully” with the relevant police and legal authorities in connection with the possible bribery case.. “Our European Parliament stands firmly against corruption. At this pointWe cannot comment on any ongoing investigationApart from ensuring that we have fully cooperated with all relevant law enforcement and legal authorities, we will continue to do so,” he tweeted. The president of the European Court of Justice said he would do “everything possible” so that justice takes its course.

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Notification of Kylie’s suspensionOne of the Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, It came a day after he was arrested in Brussels on suspicion of corruption involving Qatar. Socialist M.P He is the accomplice of one of the four suspects arrested hours earlier by the Belgian prosecutor’s office For the same case.

The prosecution included the arrest of a former Italian MEP after discovering €600,000 in cash in 16 transactions. in Brussels, in the framework of an investigation into an “alleged organization of corruption and money laundering”. suspect that”A Gulf country” influenced the “economic and political decisions of the European Parliament”. By “Giving substantial sums or significant gifts”.

Beneficiaries of these aids would have been of “significant political and/or strategic standing”. Inside the half cycle. The prosecution declined to identify the country. Although A source close to the case confirmed that it was Qatar. He also did not identify the arrested former MEP, but the Belgian press pointed it outItalian Socialist Pier-Antonio PanzeriA member of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2019.

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