March 28, 2023

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The European Parliament declared Russia a state sponsor of terrorism

The European Parliament meets in Strasbourg, France on September 14, 2022. (REUTERS/Yves Herman/File)

The European Parliament announced on Wednesday Russia as A state sponsor of terrorism In their view “Deliberate attacks And this Atrocities made against Ukrainian population”.

And he demanded European union A new legal framework to categorize these states and regulate the social group’s relations with those states.

“The Destruction of civil infrastructure and other serious violations Human rights And International Human Rights “They constitute acts of terrorism and war crimes against the Ukrainian people,” lamented the European Parliament.

The European Parliament issued a resolution that once again condemned “attacks carried out by Russia for destructive political purposes”. Ukraine and other countries”.

The legal framework proposed by Parliament would allow the EU to designate states that promote terrorism and use terrorist means, “which would implement a package of Important control measures against those countries and have profound restrictive implications for the Union’s relations with those countries.

The resulting text 494 votes in favour, 58 against and 44 abstentions, No legal value But the symbolic burden of a European Parliament, by a large majority, listens to the EU and its countries “Initiate complete international isolation of the Russian Federation.”

To do this, they call for “action on Russia’s membership in international organizations and agencies. United Nations Security Council”Abstain from conducting official activities in their territory and follow Severing of diplomatic relations Contacts with Russia are limited to the “absolutely necessary minimum”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin.  The resolution calls for further reduction of diplomatic ties and contacts with Russia
Russian President Vladimir Putin. The resolution calls for further downgrading diplomatic ties with Russia and limiting contacts to the “absolutely necessary minimum.” (Sputnik/Michael Metzel/Reuters)

They also recommend Ban “Russian Centers of Science and Culture and organizations and associations of the Russian diaspora operating under the auspices and leadership of diplomatic missions of Russia and promoting the propaganda of the Russian state throughout the world.”

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In a meeting with journalists, the Lithuanian, one of the MEPs responsible for the report ANDREUS CUBILIUSHe emphasized that the purpose of the speech was “not to be afraid to say what we see,” and that the announcement was likely to be an obstacle to negotiations between Kyiv and Moscow, he confirmed. “There will be nothing to negotiate before Russia withdraws its forces.”

The only thing that can be negotiated now is the payment War reparations From Russia to Ukraine.

In parallel, trust the MEPs Group Wagner and other Russian-sponsored armed groups, militias or sub-agents to be included list European Union of individuals, groups and institutions acts of terrorism.

The European Union adds the European Parliament, “Quickly complete the work on its ninth set of obstacles” Against Russia, this includes the deportation and forced adoption of Ukrainian minors and those involved in referendums and illegal elections in the occupied territories, among other new restrictions.

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