May 31, 2023

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The epidemic has cast a shadow over New Year’s celebrations around the world for the second time

The epidemic has cast a shadow over New Year’s celebrations around the world for the second time

Among the revoked parties, the curfew order and other restrictions, The world began to enter 2022 after another year of epidemics Of these, the Omigran variant caused an irreversible increase in infections despite the use of vaccines.

The change of president in the United States over the past twelve months, the spectator-less Olympics, the dreams of democracy from Afghanistan to Burma or Nicaragua, and the image of Leo Messi without the Barcelona shirt.

But it was the epidemic, now entering its third year, that once again dominated the lives of much of humanity. More than 5.4 million people have died since the virus was discovered in central China In December 2019.

According to the balance, more than 280 million people are infected with the virus AFP Based on official data, the actual number may be higher.

Celebrations in Europe were conducted with security ethics
Celebrations in Europe were conducted with security ethics

And saw almost all the human race Pulled by the oscillations of obstacles and restrictions Depending on the evolution of the infection.

Vaccines gave hope More than 60% of the world’s population is vaccinated. But its distribution is inconsistent, especially in poor countries, which has led to the emergence of new variants.

The last of them, Omigron, caused the first time More than a million infections a week, Based on a number AFP.

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain or Argentina have also recorded records of new daily infections.

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Tons of crackers

The nation of Located in the Pacific, Kiribati was the first to welcome the New Year From 10H00 GMT.

The first to sound in the New Year was Kiribati Island
The first to sound in the New Year was Kiribati Island

Sydney, Australia’s largest city, fired six tonnes of crackers for the first time in 2022, illuminating its iconic port.

Unlike 2020, After Australia dropped its antivirus strategy this year, the show rallied tens of thousands of people And seek to live with him.

But the attendance was far from the usual million or more participants. Tourists have not yet been able to enter the country and many residents fear the rapid spread of Omigran.

Oscar Ramirez, 31, said, “We hope 2022 will be better for everyone.

In the United Arab Emirates, Dubai celebrated the arrival of 2022 36 firecrackers were fired at 29 different locations. In the afternoon, groups of people had already gathered to watch the scene on Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower at 828 meters.

In Latin America, cases are growing faster due to the Omigron variant
In Latin America, cases are growing faster due to the Omigron variant

In Tunisia, authorities canceled last-minute celebrations on Borguia Avenue, the capital’s main thoroughfare, due to an increase in epidemics.

In Rio de Janeiro, millions of people usually gather on the Copacabana beach. The crowd at the celebration was low due to rain and health restrictions.

Scattered groups of Brazilian and foreign tourists stroll into the Rambla de Copacabana just hours before midnight, under the incessant drizzle, where the crowd is usually crowded with wine and music.

While in Times Square in New York, Official events were reduced, but more people came.

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Half parties

But in the face of a wave of lawsuits caused by a contagious new variant, Many governments have decided to lift the restrictions.

The United States is the most affected country by the epidemic
The United States is the most affected country by the epidemic

Where in Paris Traditional New Year’s Eve fireworks show canceled Where the police restricted the use of masks, which were again required.

Mexico City canceled Sவ்o Paulo or Bangkok New Year’s celebrations, Greece banned music in bars and restaurants, and Pope Francis suspended his usual New Year’s Eve visit to the manger in St. Peter’s Square and did not preside over the ceremony before the ceremony. At the end of the year.

In the Netherlands, the authorities Fireworks have been banned for the second year in a row. To prevent throwing-related injuries from placing an additional burden on health services.

However, a 12-year-old boy who was watching an adult explode fireworks died and another was seriously injured.

In Spain, most cities canceled their public celebrations, but not Madrid, which allowed 7,000 people to eat grapes in Puerto del Sol to the tune of the clock.

There were less than half of the 19,000 people who could fit in the famous Madrid square, and the mask was mandatory except for eating grapes, but the distance was short.

“We’re all sticking to each other, it’s impossible, [pero] Those who want to come here already know what they are expressing, ”said Arantxa Concepción, a community coordinator from Beasáin (North).

For many, in Bombay, Barcelona or Montreal, The party must have ended earlier due to a curfew imposed against the virus.

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In South Africa, a new variant was discovered at the end of November, and the President decided the opposite: considering the peak of epidemics caused by Omigran, the curfew order should be lifted shortly before the New Year.

But the World Health Organization does not want to reduce its security and warns that a “tsunami” of epidemics could put health systems “on the brink of collapse”.

(With information from AFP)

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