June 7, 2023

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The Director General of the Ecuadorian Prison Service resigned within 50 days

Director of the SNAI Prison Service, Bolivar Carson

President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso this Sunday accepted the resignation of Bolivar Carson, director general of the National Service for Comprehensive Care for Adults (SNAI).

Carson’s resignation comes after a new massacre at the Literal Penitentiary, which left 68 dead and at least 25 injured.

Therefore, the Secretary-General of the President of Ecuador has issued an order on its social networks in which he accepts the resignation of Lasso Carson and thanked for the services provided.

The former director general of SNAI took office at the end of September, shaking the country even more with another massacre that killed nearly 120 people at the Literal Benevolence.

People move ballot boxes after a prison massacre in Guayaquil
People move ballot boxes after a prison massacre in Guayaquil

Now the head of the Ecuadorian prison department is again Fosto Kobo, who held the SNAI’s general movement until Bolivar’s arrival. And who currently serves as head of the Center for Strategic Intelligence, collects the newspaper ‘Universe’.

Resignation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Lasso also accepted the resignation of Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff George Cabrera. The 68 inmates at a prison in Guayaquil were aggravated by the massacre on Saturday and resigned after a nationwide prison crisis.

The president signed an order this Sunday in which he “accepted the resignation and thanked Vice Admiral Jorge Cabrera Espinosa for his diligent and loyal service to the country in his duties as Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces.”

President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso
President of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso

Cabrera was replaced by Maj. Gen. Orlando Fabian Fuel Revelo as head of state.

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By the same order, he appointed Brigadier General Luis Enrique Burbano Rivera as general commander of the ground.

In the Second Order, the Governor accepted the resignation of Colonel Fernando Carson, Director General of the National Service for Disenfranchised and Teenage Criminals.

In the same document, he pointed out that the General Directorate of SNAI trusts the head of the Center for Strategic Intelligence, but did not elaborate on the reasons for his resignation.

Sixty-eight inmates were killed and 25 wounded in the attack on prisoners in Pavilion 2 of the prison.

According to Colonel Marco Ortiz, national director of the police’s technical science investigation, only 61 bodies can be recovered from prison.

Relatives are waiting outside the jail in Guayaquil
Relatives are waiting outside the jail in Guayaquil

The condition of the bodies was different as some were burned and mutilated in the middle of the conflict, which is why they were only able to take 45 fingerprints out of 61 bodies.

The remaining bodies should be subjected to “anthropological identification and, if necessary, a genetic identification”. It will obviously take more time, ”Artis added.

The Ecuadorian Secretariat for Human Rights announced the identities of 41 of the 68 inmates killed Saturday in a prison in the coastal city of Guayaquil (southwest) until Sunday afternoon.

The Ecuavisa television channel on Sunday provided images of the state left in Pavilion 2 attacked by other inmates.

The pictures showed large holes in several walls through which prisoners tried to enter to attack those in Pavilion 2, which was left without its leader, who had recently served 60% of his sentence and was later released, officials said.

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The massacre took place on Saturday at the same prison where 118 inmates were killed last September.

In the aftermath of the massacre, Lasso ordered an exceptional position in the prison system, a measure that could not prevent violence in prisons.

Authorities believe land disputes between gangs allegedly linked to drug trafficking are to blame for the clashes between detainees.

Lasso is holding a meeting with top officials of various operations in the state tomorrow, Monday, to study the prison crisis.

(With information from Europa Press and EFE)

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