April 1, 2023

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The central bank will restrict access to savings dollars to those receiving payment subsidies

Central Bank Savings will restrict access to dollars For beneficiaries to pay public service bills like Electricity, gas or water and sewer. The move is likely to be announced on Thursday after the finance commission’s board meeting and is aimed at preventing the use of quotas. US$ 200 (official plus taxes) at the “unity” exchange rate) to those who consider themselves benefiting from state transfers to avoid paying the full cost of energy.

The official benchmark is the use of savings dollars Formation of Foreign Assets (FAE). The decision was confirmed on Thursday by two sources in the economic group, including the central government, and could be officially announced in the next few hours or next Thursday, when the company’s board of directors meets again. “We’re going to block government subsidy recipients from accessing savings dollars. Official sources have confirmed.

BCRA officials are in the process of overhauling their own database, which is managed by the Secretary of Energy, headed by Flavia Ryan. People who demand dollar savings are also not ruled out To complete an undertaking Before surgery. In a press conference last week, Royón announced plans to eliminate new subsidies, but he did not mention the move.

“Regarding continuation of grants in a house, Yes it can affect access to savings dollarsWe believe that access to the savings dollar represents a way to externalize wealth, and that is possible in principle Not applicable in accessing grant”, specific energy sources. The central bank is competent to regulate access to dollar savings, it analyzes the situation, which is why there are no official announcements.

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In June, according to data from the Central Bank’s (BCRA) foreign exchange market evolution report, some 885,000 Argentines claimed $577 million in “savings” or “unity” rates (official and tax).