May 30, 2023

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“Thank you for giving hope back to our South America”

Moments after Lula da Silva celebrated her victory on her Twitter account, Christina Kirchner expressed her happiness at the victory of the PD candidate. “Comrade Lula, thank you for returning joy and hope to our South America,” he said.

The vice president was one of the first officials to celebrate Lula’s victory in Brazil A choice vote by vote He was elected president of the neighboring country by a narrow margin over Jair Bolsonaro.

“Today more than ever, Love and lots of happiness”, his brief message, which included two photos of Kirchner together with Jodi Lula, began to circulate on social networks.

“Thank you to the people of Brazil. Thanks for coming back friend Lula Joy and hope to our South America”, The Vice President concluded.

Christina Kirchner’s message aired minutes after Lula’s. “democracy”The president-elect of Brazil wrote on his social networks with a photo showing his hand on the Brazilian flag.

After the match, he joined Twitter Alberto Fernandez.

“Congratulations @LulaOficial! Your victory opens a new era in Latin American history. A time of hope and future that begins today. Here you have a partner to work with you and dream of a better life for our people,” the president wrote in his first post.

and with A selfieAnd: After the many injustices you have lived through, the people of Brazil have chosen you and democracy has won”. “Latin America Dreams“, Fernandez emboldened.

Serge Massa Selected a message short, with a photo of him hugging Brazil’s president-elect. “The greatest Lula,” wrote the economy minister.

“Congratulations to the Brazilian brothers and especially to Comrade @LulaOficial for his victory. Today the path of hope with peace and democracy is consolidated for Latin America,” he wrote. Pedro’s vadoCamper and Home Minister.

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“Argentina meets again A great partner And the institutions of Latin America are recovering an exceptional leader,” said the Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero.

Meanwhile, Argentina’s Foreign Ministry said, “The result of this new phase starting in Brazil Of prime importance As for the relations between the two countries, they are linked by history and a common destiny.

It was also revealed Florence Kirchner Through his Instagram account. The vice president’s daughter posted a photo of herself with her father, Lula, with the caption, “Hello Presidents.”

Florencia Kirchner congratulated Lula da Silva. Photo Instagram Florence Kirchner

Congratulations to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and, at the last minute, Mauricio Macri

Being one for change, Horacio Rodríguez echoes Lauretta Lula’s success. “Greetings to the brothers and sisters of Brazil For the Democracy Day they celebrated Especially for the newly elected President @LulaOficial”He said.

In his Twitter account, the head of the government of Buenos Aires said, “It is necessary to build a mature relationship between our countries, which allows us to develop development possibilities.”

“Working with Brazil is key to restoring international trust and growth. We must put integration at the center of the agenda. A Mercosur is more open to the world “We use the environment to integrate ourselves as suppliers of food and energy,” he concluded.

The Secretary of International Relations of the City of Buenos Aires also sent his greetings, Fernando Straface. “A mature relationship with Brazil is necessary to restore and grow international trust. We believe our countries can work together for regional development,” he said.

As far as he could tell ClarionThe perception at the moment in the government of Buenos Aires is that Bolsonaro’s defeat has been interpreted in the same way as Donald Trump’s in the United States. extreme polarization It has been adopted by the community in recent months.

From the Civic Alliance, came words of support Maximilian FerraroPresident of the party founded by Elisa Gario.

“I congratulate the Brazilian people for their democratic journey and their elected President @LulaOficial. Argentina and Brazil must strengthen cooperation and work for human rights and a peaceful region. Address existing imbalances” was Ferraro’s message.

The last hour This Sunday, Bolsonaro was almost expected to accept defeat, which did not come, and he joined the congratulations Maurizio Macri.

“I want to congratulate the Brazilian people for this Democracy Day and @LulaOficial for being elected President of Brazil. I hope we continue to work together. To strengthen the bond Between our countries,” the former president wrote on Twitter Emojis Argentina and Brazil flags.

With treachery, on the networks they responded several times with a mask with a picture of Lula da Silva with the slogan “CFK 2023”.

Messages from Governors

Governors from the provinces, from the ruling party and from the opposition joined in the congratulatory messages.

“We want to build a strong and united region that is geared toward the growth and progress of our people,” Jujuy wrote. Gerard Morales.

Sergio UnacFrom San Juan, confirmed: “We firmly believe that the Latin American fraternity must deepen its commercial, productive, cultural and human bonds. Success in your administration!”

George Capitanich “Brazil and Argentina are considered the backbone of Latin American unity.” “The strategic alliance of our countries is the key challenge of our time,” he added.

Greetings from other leaders

Lula received messages from the leaders of the region Even from EuropeDespite the time difference.

President of the United States Joe Biden A White House statement said it congratulated Lula da Silva on winning a “free, fair and credible” presidential election.

“I look forward to working together to continue the cooperation between our two countries in the coming months and years.”he added.

The President of Mexico was one of the first to congratulate him. Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Chile Gabriel Boric He wrote a very brief message expressing his joy at Lula’s victory in Brazil.

French Emmanuel Macron He sent his congratulations in a message written in both French and Portuguese. Lula’s victory “opens a new page in Brazilian history.” Together, We will join forces “To face many common challenges and renew the friendship between the two countries,” he said.


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